The Modern Relationship

The Modern Relationship

Gives you the tools and techniques required to create and maintain the ideal relationship dynamic, where you are in the position of power and your woman continually tries to impress you and maintain your interest. Her attraction, love and respect for you deepens over time rather than fading away.

  • Format: Video.
  • Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes.
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  • Opens and plays on phones, tablets and desktop computers.
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Here are just SOME of the amazing things you will learn when you watch The Modern Relationship:

Cutting-edge approach: Relationships are not the same as they were for your parents, their parents, their parents and so on. Things have changed and to be successful in a modern relationship, you need to use a modern approach. In this program, you will discover how to create the ideal type of relationship dynamic that makes a woman never want to leave you or lose you. This cutting edge approach to relationships borrows from what has worked traditionally and what is necessary in today's relationship environment.

Modern relationship killers: Discover the fundamental mistakes that modern men make, which then cause their girlfriend/wife to lose interest in sex, want to cheat on them, dump them or even treat them badly.

Super sex drive: How to create tremendous amounts of sexual drive, tension and desire between you and your woman by way of your behavior, conversation and actions. You will be amazed at what happens to your sex life from now on – it will be supercharged!

The ideal relationship dynamic: How to create the ideal relationship dynamic where your woman is madly in love with you, loves taking care of you and doing things for you (e.g. cooking, cleaning, oral sex, etc, is incredibly turned on by you no matter how you look, is deeply happy and wants to be with you until the day she dies.

The next 15 years: How relationships between men and women will change over the next 15 years. Plus, what you need to do to enjoy relationship success now and prepare for the changes coming in the near future.

Maintain power and control: How to maintain power and control in your relationship, so you are the "boss" and your woman wants to impress you and keep you happy.

The 5 categories of compatibility: Learn the 5 categories of compatibility that will determine whether or not you and a woman get along with each other naturally and easily during a conversation, on a date or in a relationship.

Perfect compatibility: Discover the two most important compatibility factors that determine a successful relationship. Plus, how to identify whether you and a woman are truly compatible on a deep level.

The wrong woman: The right woman can totally light up your life with endless love, happiness and good times. However, the wrong woman can end up causing you endless pain, heartache and despair. Discover the process that you simply must go through if you want to find your perfect woman in the modern world.

The perfect balance: Have you ever seen a man and a woman who have been together for 30+ years, but are still totally in love, happy and fulfilled by the relationship? In this program, I explain how to create the perfect balance in a relationship so you and your woman are equally as happy, in love and fulfilled.

Deep satisfaction: How to make her truly satisfied about your relationship at the deepest levels of her being. She will base her life around the love, intimacy and companionship that you share, rather than feeling like she needs to do something with her life and eventually drifting away from you.

Stopping her tantrums and bad behavior: In this program, you will get to hear what I say and learn what I do that turns my women into the perfect girlfriend. My friends are always commenting about how happy and well-behaved my girlfriends are, even though they are challenging, confident women. I'll explain how to stop her tantrums and make her want to treat you like a king.

Making her addicted to sex with you: Discover what to say and do to make your woman chase you for sex and want it all the time. In this program, I explain what I say and do to make my women feel LUCKY and honored to be getting sexed by me. Plus, the approach I use so my women eagerly want to give me oral sex, even while I'm kicking back and watching TV.

Making her orgasm without trying: How to create the right dynamic between you and your woman so she can easily and consistently orgasm. Most guys don't know that a woman's ability to orgasm has more to do with her mental and emotional state than anything else. In this program, I explain how to get her turned on in both body AND mind so the orgasm comes easily and naturally.

Stopping your relationship from becoming boring: Most people can get through the EASY early stages of a relationship when there is plenty of lust and romance. However, once the natural novelty and excitement has died down, a lot of people struggle to keep the relationship exciting and interesting, so they decide to break up and start again with someone new. In this program, you will learn the core fundamentals that will keep your relationship exciting even if you're not doing much other than hanging out at home, working and catching up with friends.

Deepening the love, attraction and respect: Love, respect and attraction are all things that can DEEPEN as a relationship continues. A very small percentage of couples have the "relationship intelligence" to be able to make that happen, so they end up losing attraction and respect and falling out of love. In this program, you will discover the secret to deepening the love, attraction and respect. As each year of the relationship passes, you will feel happier, more fulfilled and more in love with each other than ever before.

Facebook, Skype and other modern relationship killers: Before Facebook, Skype and e-mail, your girlfriend's ex-boyfriends would STAY in her past. However, in today's world, those guys are just a Facebook message, Skype call or e-mail away. Find out the critical conversations you need to have with your girlfriend to avoid her ex's ever getting in the way of your relationship with her.

Avoiding divorce: Marriage and keeping a relationship together was a lot easier for previous generations. To keep your marriage together you simply must use this modern, up to date approach. Try to do what previous generations did and hope that it works will increase the chances of divorce happening to you. This new approach pretty much guarantees that you and your wife will never get divorced.

Modern romance: Old approaches to romance are seen as cheesy to most modern women. Discover a simple, modern approach to romance that will satisfy your woman on the deepest levels.

Maximum love and happiness: A lot of couple only ever get to experience a superficial type of love in their relationship. After the relationship is over, they often look back and wonder if it really was love at all. Discover the secrets to true and endlessly fulfilling love between you and your woman.

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