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The Flow

Follow the steps of The Flow and you'll effortlessly go from a conversation to a kiss, to sex and into a relationship with a woman of your choosing. The Flow is jam packed with my best techniques for attraction, conversation, confidence, approaching, flirting, using humor, sex on the first night (one night stands), getting a girlfriend, maintaining a great relationship, being an alpha male, making new female friends and much more.

Instant download ebook. 231 pages. New edition.

You also get:

  1. Generous discounts: If you ever want to purchase any more of my programs, you will have private access to 50% discounts that you can use at any time.
  2. Lifetime access: You are welcome to come back and re-download any of the product(s) that you have purchased at any time.
Please note: The 81% discount on The Flow ($37 instead of $197) is for a limited time only. I may be raising the price back up at any moment, so act now if you are interested.
The problem

These days, a lot of men don't know what women want. When interacting with a woman, many guys unknowingly go against the natural flow of a sexual courtship and end up turning the woman off. The guy might be a great guy with good intentions, but if he isn't making the woman feel what she wants to feel, she isn't going to be interested.

A lack of success with women often causes a man lose confidence, develop fears of rejection and avoid opportunities to talk to women or ask them out. Even though he would rather be having sex with many new women or be enjoying a relationship with one special woman, he remains single and alone for many months or even years.

If you can relate to this at all, then don't waste another day of your life not being successful with women. This is something that you can fix today, rather than looking back in 10 years time and regretting how much of your life has wasted away without you having your choice with women.

The solution

The Flow makes success with women very simple. It's a natural approach that works for any guy, no matter what type of woman he is trying to attract and no matter what his current level of skill is with women. When you read The Flow, you will learn exactly how to:

  • Approach women and get them interested in you immediately.
  • Start and continue conversations in a fun and interesting way.
  • Keep a woman interested by using flirting, humor and other attractive behavior.
  • Get a phone number, kiss, date and relationship.
  • Maintain a woman's interest in a relationship.

How does it work?

The Flow ebook starts off by teaching you about what women really want in a man, as well as how you can quickly get the results that you want with women. You then learn how to use the steps of The Flow, which is our revolutionary 4-step process that causes women to automatically feel attracted to you, want to get to know you more and then want to have sex with you.

Following that, Dan explains exactly how to master each of the 4 steps of The Flow so you can effortlessly move from a conversation to a phone number, kiss and then sex or date with your chosen woman.
As you read through The Flow, you will be provided with many word-for-word conversation and flirting examples, as well as critical perspective shifts and insights about success with women.

What will you learn?

Here are just some of the juicy secrets you will learn by reading The Flow.

  • How to give a woman that "I have to have him!" feeling she gets around a guy who is rich, famous or very good looking...without being any of those things yourself.
  • The exact, step by step process to go from a conversation to kiss (or date) and then sex with a woman of your choosing. This is priceless and will completely change your life with women. Words can't describe how awesome it is to know how to effortlessly go from one step to the next with a woman. Knowing this takes all the hassle and stress out of dating and lets you get on with having sex and enjoying love and relationships.
  • Hilariously funny conversation examples that make women laugh out loud and enjoy talking to you in any situation.
  • 15 ways to get a woman in the mood for sex when she is at your place for the first time.
  • The secret to making a woman feel ADDICTED to being around you.
  • 11 ways to make yourself feel less nervous in any social situation, so you can enjoy life with confidence rather than being held back by unnecessary fears, shyness or anxieties.
  • 18 body language techniques that naturally attract women. Use these as your new secret weapons for instantly getting women interested in you during a conversation. Others guys will wonder why you have such an amazing effect on women, but they won't be able to work it out.
  • The secret to getting a woman's phone number and completely avoid rejection while doing it. This section includes exactly what to say so that she immediately gives you her phone number and then actually WANTS you to call.
  • The 3 stages of interest that a woman will go through when interacting with you before she will be ready to take things to the next level (i.e. phone number, kiss, date or sex).
  • 6 reasons why a woman may respond badly to you when you approach her. Most guys make these mistakes, but from now on you will be one of the few guys who can approach women and actually have them immediately open up to you and like you. This is truly life-changing and your interactions with women will never be the same again.
  • My fool-proof, 10-Point Approaching Checklist. Use this and you will be able approach a woman, get her interested right away, enjoy a fun and interesting conversation and then walk away with her phone number in minutes...or take her home for sex that night.
  • The secret to being 100% confident and in control when interacting with a woman. When women see this type of consistent confidence in you, they will not be able to stop themselves from feeling more and more attraction for you. You will literally have women hit on you and try to pick you up when you use the additional techniques from The Flow in addition to displaying the sort of confidence that you will learn from the book.
  • How to completely eliminate any fears of rejection you have so you can approach and talk to women whenever you want (or ask women out, move in for a kiss, etc), without a worry in the world.
  • How to avoid awkward silences during conversation by making women keep the conversation going and keep it interesting for you. From now on, talking to women will feel easy, effortless and fun. Then, whenever you feel like it, simply use my rejection-proof techniques for getting a kiss, getting a phone number, taking her home for sex that night or having sex with her on the first date.
  • Rarely-known techniques that make beautiful women feel wildly attracted to you, even if you're not a "good looking" guy. This is one of my biggest secrets to success with women, which allowed me to sleep with catwalk models and a few local celebrities.
  • How to instantly make people want to be your friend and introduce you to their single girlfriends.
  • The secret to making women forget about every other guy they've ever met and see you as "the one." This is priceless - I could easily put this into a separate program and sell it for $297, but it's included in The Flow along with 100s of other priceless, life-changing techniques.
  • What to say to a woman if she (or they if you're speaking to a group) ever play hard to get, so she apologizes and then starts showing you loads of interest.
  • How to make a great first impression on a woman. Plus, how to recover from a bad first impression you've made on a woman and get her to forget all about it and just focus on having sex with you and getting the relationship started.
  • The secrets to approaching groups of women, which ensure that you are welcomed into the group and then have your choice of the available women.
  • My best ever examples of flirting with women during conversation. These easy-to-use examples will turn any boring, lifeless conversation into a fun, enjoyable experience for both of you.
  • Witty, intelligent and jaw-dropping comebacks to use whenever a woman tries to test you during a conversation or on a date. Use these and she will feel incredible respect and attraction for you and feel as though she needs to impress you. These comebacks ensure that you are the one who is always in control, which is actually how women want it to be.
  • What to say when you first meet a woman, when she's back at your place, on the phone, on a date, etc. You will always know exactly what to say in each situation, so you can effortlessly go from one step to the next with a woman.
  • A great way to get more one night stands...need I say more?
  • A powerful technique that makes a woman text you and call you all the time, hoping that she can see you. It's actually pretty funny how well this technique works. Make sure you keep this one to yourself - it's not something that we should be letting women know about.
  • How to get a woman to have some alone time with you in a bar or at a party. This section includes exactly what to say and do so that her friends don't get in your way and are instead encourage her to get alone with you.
  • The many reasons why women decide to cheat on their man and how you can avoid it happening to you when in a relationship.
  • What to do when you kiss a woman on a first date to ensure she wants to keep kissing you and then escalate to sex.
  • 4 ways to instantly become more sexually attractive to women, without having to buy new clothes, spend extra hours in the gym or do anything to your physical appearance.
  • The fastest way to get a girlfriend. This will surprise you.
  • How to find the perfect woman for you, instead of settling for whatever you can get. This will help you avoid being cheated on, divorced or wasting your life in an unhappy relationship. I will show you the way to get your ideal women hitting on YOU, so all you have to do then is kiss her, have sex with her and enjoy the great times ahead.
  • 6 ways that guys become needy when a girl shows them interest, which then results in the girl losing interest. Make sure you avoid these classic mistakes.
  • The right and wrong way to compliment a woman. Surprisingly, most guys get this wrong, so when you are one the very few guys who do it right, you will see a woman's eyes light up and she will excited that you said it. All it takes is a few little changes to what you're saying and how you're saying it and it makes a world of difference.
  • What to say when you talk to a woman on the phone. Plus, the fool-proof way to get her to say "Yes!" to your suggestion of catching up in person. PLUS, how to get her eagerly awaiting your next phone call.
  • How to use your body language to project an unshakable confidence and masculine power that makes you appear more desirable than any other man in the room.
  • Why bad boys attract more women than nice guys do and how you can beat the bad boys at their game, while still being a good guy.
  • How get out of the friend zone with a woman you already know. It absolutely does NOT matter how badly you've already stuffed things up. When you start using my techniques, she WILL begin responding differently to you, looking at you in a different way and showing you signs of interest. Then, all you need to do is using my rejection-proof techniques to kiss her and then start having a sexual relationship with her.
  • How to rapidly develop the type of confidence that allows you to feel completely confident, calm and in control in any situation in life.
  • The exact wording to use when starting a conversation with a woman or group of women. This section includes 10 of my best conversation starters that you can use right away.
  • How to connect with any woman, make her feel relaxed and talk to you like you’ve known each other for years.
  • A powerful, yet completely undetectable social technique that will instantly make people respect you in social situations.
  • How to effortlessly pass any test that a woman tries to put you through. When she sees how confident and skilled you are with women, she will drop her guard and open up to you. With this advanced knowledge, you will be able to attract and pick up the type of women who usually reject 99% of the guys who attempt to pick them up. Why? Those type of women are looking for a guy who is stronger than them and who doesn't crumble and become nervous when tested. From now you, you will pass women's tests with ease and they will be amazed that they've finally met a guy like you.
  • How to develop a stone cold, inner confidence that allows you to approach a woman in any situation without getting nervous and without a fear of rejection.
  • The deadly mistake that many men make when trying to sleep with a woman that instantly places them in the "friend zone" and turns the woman off.
  • How to handle a woman canceling a date with you. Mess this up by responding in the wrong way and you may well have ruined all of your hard work to get her to that point. I explain exactly what to say and do to reorganize another date that she will definitely attend.
  • 8 nervous behaviors that kill a woman's attraction for you and how to eradicate them immediately.
  • 3 powerful ways to rapidly build up sexual tension between you and a woman, so she feels compelled to ask you out, kiss you first or mention the idea of having sex.
  • How to initiate physical touch between you and a woman you’ve just met. Doing this makes it 10x easier to then escalate to a kiss. It also helps her see you as a potential lover or boyfriend, rather than just a friend or a stranger she isn't comfortable being around.
  • How poor body language can ruin your chances with women, even if you are doing everything else right. I reveal what poor body language tells women about you and how you can avoid being seen as awkward or nervous when around women or in social environments.
  • The mistake that many men make in an attempt to keep a woman interested, which actually repels her and makes her lose interest twice as fast and often drives her into the arms of another guy.
  • The 9 personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women and how instantly begin displaying them, while also being your true self.
  • Secrets about attraction that women do not want you to know. Women NEVER say this stuff to men because they know it will give men an unfair advantage in the dating scene. I've been using that "unfair advantage" for years and it feels completely fair to me!
  • What to say to a woman on the phone so she feels sexually turned on by you and wants to meet you for sex. This is not a sleazy line, but something very discreet and classy that women love.
  • What to say to make a woman feel totally comfortable coming back to your place for sex, even if it's the very first time you meet.
  • How to avoid ruining a woman’s feelings for you during an interaction, on a date and in a relationship.
  • The right way to make eye contact with a woman so that she feels turned on by you, respects you and wants to be around you. Many guys make eye contact with a woman in a way that turns the woman off, loses her respect and makes her not want to be around him. When you use my approach to eye contact with women, you will notice that women love making eye contact with you and love being around you.
  • How to ensure that you have the power in an interaction/relationship with a woman. Use these techniques to avoid being used, manipulated or dumped by women for not being enough of a man for her.
  • Body language techniques that make you stand out as a cool, confident, interesting guy at parties or in any other social environment. When you use these techniques, you will notice that people flock to be around you and that women try to keep conversations going with you.
  • Something that women really, really love about guys...yet, you probably won’t ever hear this mentioned by a woman in conversation because they are embarrassed to admit it in front of others. Most guys think that women don't like this "thing" that I explain in the book, but when you start doing it, you will be one of the few guys that does what women WISH guys would do around them.
  • Mistakes that guys make when talking to a woman on the phone, which then causes the woman to lose interest and not want to see the guy in person.
  • Powerful techniques that create a huge sexual charge between you and a woman. Use these techniques to easily stand out from other guys and get a woman's attention completely focussed on you.
  • How to make a woman feel truly happy with you as her man. This is very important if you want your relationship to last!
  • 5 things you can do during the first 10 minutes of meeting a woman to let her know that you are "in her league" and that will get her doing whatever she can to impress you.
  • How to effortlessly impress women during an interaction just by being yourself. This is the approach that the "naturals" use, which allows them to have their choice of women without even trying. It's so simple, powerful and effective that you will kick yourself for not doing it earlier.
  • How to instantly make a woman feel comfortable being around you. No more of those awkward moments when you first start chatting to a woman you like.
  • Powerful conversation techniques that make women try to pick you up during a conversation. Simply add these into a simple conversation and women will automatically begin hitting on you and trying to get something to happen between you.

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  • Get started: The Flow is perfect for beginners and for guys who have some experience with women, but are having trouble getting results. It includes 100s of techniques that you can use immediately for approaching, attracting and dating women. You'll also get to know the basics, such as: What to say to a woman that will make her give you her phone number, want to go on a date with you and want to have sex with you.
  • Identify where you're going right and wrong: While reading The Flow, you will quickly discover what you've been doing right and wrong when it comes to women. Just knowing what you're doing right boosts your confidence. From there, you will be armed with the correct techniques for approaching, attracting, talking to and dating women.
  • Hold her attention: If you can't firmly hold a woman's attention for at least 5 minutes, then your chances of getting her phone number are lost. The Flow provides you with ready-to-use techniques for sparking a strong sexual attraction inside of a woman, without her knowing what you're up to. In seconds, you'll notice that her eyes light up, she turns to you and becomes fully engaged in what you're saying. You'll have to experience it for yourself to see!
  • Get up to speed: You could waste the next 5 years reading 100s of books (and never find what you need to know about attracting and talking to women), or you could just read one book today that has ALL the answers. The Flow provides a summary of the main concepts that we teach here at The Modern Man. While not as advanced as our other programs, it will allow you to quickly get up to speed on what you need to know to be successful with women.
  • Get what you want from women: You know what you want from women. Sex, love, attention, affection and relationships…but, they're not giving it to you. You are being ignored, left out and it's starting to get really annoying. Today is the day to change that. You will notice that as soon as you start using The Flow in your interactions with women, you will get completely different responses from women. You will get phone numbers, you will get dates and you will get sex.

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What is The Flow about?
Who should buy The Flow?
Who shouldn't buy The Flow?
How is The Flow different to other Modern Man products?
What are the unique benefits of The Flow?
What is the story behind The Flow?

What is The Flow about?

The Flow is about approaching women, getting them interested in you immediately, keeping conversations going and progressing to a phone number, kiss, date or sex. It's a tested, proven to work system that will get you instant results, even if you're a beginner.

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Who should buy The Flow?

The Flow is perfect for you, if you want to:

  • Approach new women, get dates and get a girlfriend.
  • Attract a woman you already know and turn her into a girlfriend or lover.
  • Build more confidence.
  • Improve your overall 'dating skills'.
  • Understand what women really want from you as a man.
  • Get better at making conversation with women.
  • Learn how to flirt and spark a woman's sexual desire for you.
  • Understand how to meet, attract and date modern women.
  • Learn how to maintain a woman's interest in a relationship.

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Who shouldn't buy The Flow?

Guys who:

  • Don't believe it's possible to improve their skills with women.
  • Think they can only succeed with women if they're tall, dark and handsome...or rich and famous.
  • Believe that buying an expensive car to try and impress women is better than spending a small amount of money to learn how to impress women with their personality.
  • Hope that a beautiful, intelligent and interesting woman will simply land in their lap one day…after they've been single, alone and frustrated for most of their life.
  • Really want to have beautiful, intelligent and interesting women in their lives but aren't prepared to improve and learn the techniques required to attract and maintain the interest of these women.
  • Don't mind living a life of disappointment and regret, feeling left out and unloved by women and the world.
  • Would rather sit at home alone, than enjoy the company of a beautiful woman as well as having lots more loving, cool friends that last a lifetime.
  • Are afraid to take a chance when they see a great opportunity right in front of them.

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How is The Flow different to other Modern Man products?

The Flow mainly focuses on the 'natural flow of a sexual courtship', as well as approaching women and getting dates. Other programs focus on different areas. For example: Mastery Methods & Mindsets is more about confidence and taking your success with women to the highest level.

Here is a quick summary of the different focuses of each Modern Man product:

  • The Flow: Is perfect for beginners. It's the essential 'starter guide' guide for approaching women & getting dates in the modern world. A 'must read' for any man who is interested in improving his success with women.
  • Confessions of a Natural: Is where Dan, Ben & Stu interview 'Naturals' (guys who are naturally good with women) and get them to reveal their rarely-known dating techniques and strategies for success with women.
  • 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend: Is about approaching & meeting women in different places, using customized techniques & strategies for each situation. Instead of wasting time with one or two ways to meet women (e.g. bars on weekends), you can now quickly find your ideal girlfriend and enjoy a relationship with her, or start meeting, dating and having sex lots of women immediately.
  • Mastery Methods & Mindsets: Is about taking your confidence & success with women to the mastery level. The 'Mindsets' eliminate any fear, nervousness or anxiety that you may feel around women and replace it with unstoppable confidence. The 'Methods' are things for you to do that push you 'outside your comfort zone' and into sex and relationships with beautiful women.
  • Dating Power: Is the complete, start-to-finish guide from approach, to sex, to first phone call, to date, to the bedroom and into a relationship. The techniques work by getting a woman to chase you, rather than you trying to 'pick her up'.  Recorded in front of a live audience, Dating Power also includes important body language demonstrations and audience questions.
  • Dating Power Stories: Is where Dan, Ben & Stu share the many lessons they've learnt along the way when approaching, dating and being in relationships with modern women. These priceless insights allow you to then avoid making common mistakes that lead to rejection, break-ups and women losing interest. Armed with the techniques revealed in this program, women won't want you to leave and will work hard to maintain your interest during conversations, on dates and in relationships. Secret Stories also explains how to use the Dating Power techniques in many real-life situations with women.

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What are the unique benefits of The Flow?

  • Get started: The Flow is perfect for beginners. It includes 100s of techniques that you can use immediately for approaching, attracting and dating women. You'll also get to know the basics, such as: What to say to a woman that will make her give you her phone number and want to go on a date with you.
  • Identify where you're going right and wrong: While reading The Flow, you will quickly discover what you've been doing right and wrong when it comes to women. Just knowing what you're doing right boosts your confidence. From there, you will be armed with the correct techniques for approaching, attracting, talking to and dating women.
  • Hold her attention: If you can't firmly hold a woman's attention for at least 5 minutes, then your chances of getting her phone number are lost. The Flow provides you with ready-to-use techniques for sparking a strong sexual attraction inside of a woman, without her knowing what you're up to. In seconds, you'll notice that her eyes light up, she turns to you and becomes fully engaged in what you're saying. You'll have to experience it for yourself to see!
  • Get up to speed: You could waste the next 5 years reading 100s of books (and never find what you need to know about attracting and talking to women), or you could just read one book today that has ALL the answers. The Flow provides a summary of the main concepts that we teach here at The Modern Man. While not as advanced as our other programs, it will allow you to quickly get up to speed on what you need to know to be successful with women.
  • Get what you want from women: You know what you want from women. Sex, love, attention, affection and relationships…but, they're not giving it to you. You are being ignored, left out and it's starting to get really annoying. Today is the day to change that. You will notice that as soon as you start using The Flow in your interactions with women, you will get completely different responses from women. You will get phone numbers, you will get dates and you will get sex.

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What is the story behind The Flow?

Hey – it's Dan here.

Here's the story of why The Flow was written and how the information contained within it was developed...

Basically, I'd gotten to a point in my life where I was sick and tired of not experiencing the kind of success with women that I wanted to. When out into public places, I would see other guys with beautiful girlfriends on their arm and wonder, "Why can't I get that?"

I usually spent my weekends alone, or catching up with a friend to just talk and hang out. I wanted to meet women, but the idea of approaching and talking to women was something that made me feel pretty nervous. This was mainly because I didn't really know what to say and feared the possibility of being rejected by women.

I realized that I was going to have to do something about it, or suffer the consequences: Miss out on enjoying women, lose more confidence, spend more time alone and never become a real man.

I decided to commit to going out to bars and approaching women every weekend until I overcame my fears and worked out the secrets to success with women. Luckily, I had a friend who was willing to come along each weekend and approach women with me so he could learn too.

I also began to keep 'notes' on all the things I was learning. My aim was to write up my own personal 'game plan' for success with women, so I had something to follow that would work for the rest of my life.

Initially, I struggled to get any results when I approached because I was being too much of a 'nice guy' and would often run out of things to say. Eventually however, I began to discover techniques that AUTOMATICALLY caused women to feel attraction for me and want to keep talking to me. I also started experimenting with using different types of humor and flirting.

This is where I started to make some real progress. Now that the women were interested, all I needed to learn now was how to progress things to a phone number, kiss, date or even sex that night.

Months later, after a lot of trial and error, I began to work out the right words to say and the right moves to make, so a woman would give me her phone number and want to go on a date with me. Fast forward a full 1.5 years into the experiment and I had achieved total success with women & dating...

I was dating and having sex with beautiful women like it was the most natural and easy thing in the world. Best of all, I was being myself and women loved me for it. The only difference was that I was now an improved version of myself.

It was at this point that I stopped to take a look at all the notes I'd been keeping. I was amazed to discover that it was full of techniques, ideas, perspectives and strategies that most men were unaware of.

I realized that I was 'being myself', but I was also using subtle techniques that made me stand out from all the other guys. I was using flirting, humor and body language techniques that caused women to automatically feel attraction for me. From there, the women would then fall in love with me as a person.

In the past, all I could manage to do was get most women to 'like' me as a person. This was different. Women were now attracted to me, as well as liking me as a person. (There's a big difference between the two and I will explain it all throughout The Flow).

Over the next year, I tidied up the 'notes' I'd been keeping and put them into the format you will be reading today in The Flow. To make sure it worked for other guys first, , I passed the draft version of The Flow on to some friends (including Ben and Stu who are now a part of The Modern Man) and they were amazed.

The friends who were struggling with women immediately started using the techniques and got right into dating and having sex with women. Some of the guys quickly found girlfriends and - at the time of writing this - are still with to this day.

As for Ben and Stu, they were already good with women by that point. Miraculously, we managed to find each other at a point where we were all enjoying easy success with women. I told Ben and Stu about what I'd discovered and how I wanted to share this information with other guys, by starting The Modern Man.

They agreed and so it began.

Now, for the first time – you are being let in on the secrets to success with women that most men simply do not know about. I am about to share what took me literally thousands of hours of research and practice to work out.

What you learn in The Flow will allow you to approach, attract, date and get into relationships with women. Your journey to success will be faster to mine, because you won't have to spend years trying to work out what to do. Simply use the techniques I provide in The Flow and you will walk straight into success with women.

I've heard back from readers who've used The Flow on the same day they read it and gotten phone numbers or set up dates. For some guys it takes weeks because it feels like a big change for them to start interacting with women in the ways I advise.

Whatever your case, I hope that you are ready to put this stuff into action as quickly as possible. You simply need to believe in yourself and trust that you can do this. It's easy once you begin.

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"The girl I've liked from work is now my girlfriend..."

"I read your book The Flow because I wanted to know how an alpha male talked to women to get them interested. Amazing stuff man...I used your funny lines and alpha techniques and the girl I've liked from work (for the last year!) is now my girlfriend..."  Sam, NY, USA

"Has also given me the confidence to take action"

"...the flow works wonders. I've had three turn arounds from girls that use to think I was a wussy. It has also given me the confidence to take action because now I actually know what to say and do. Use The Flow to get a girl's number while lining up at a Starbucks last week...well, last night on our second date she came over to my place and you can imagine what happened next..." Phillip, London

"Women are all over me"

"Hey guys, I've read the Flow several times and now women are all over me. My 15 year old brother wonders if the techniques are for him aswell. The guy's a little jealous when he saw how fast I got the hang of the ladies! Loving it!" Fredrik, Norway

"My ex girlfriend wants me back"

"To be honest I didn't think I could work up the courage to approach women by using what is taught in The Flow. Well, I proved myself wrong! Got out there the first weekend after reading it and scored 2 phone numbers in one night. My first approach bombed because I was thinking about it too much, but then I remembered what you said about how to relax and get in the zone, then did that and everything went beautifully from there.

Another thing I'm proud of is that my ex girlfriend wants me back now. She's seen the changes in me, how confident I am and how other women look at me now. Priceless! Not sure if I'll get back with her, but for now I'm enjoying dating one of the women I got a number from. I went over to her apartment for dinner last Thursday and we ended up making out passionately on the couch before she finished cooking..."
Eddie P, Canada

"I can't thank you guys enough"

"Dear Dan and the Modern Man team, I cant thank you guys enough for the thinking and rationale you put forward in The Flow. I got a copy of your e-book just before New Years and have been reading through it a number of times since then - and bit by bit expanding my comfort zone in terms of chatting with girls and especially flirting with girls. Flirting is such a key skill - but guys i had been afraid to be too obvious with flirting for fear of coming across as sleazy - and I didnt know how to flirt. The notion of gently teasing women, importance of the initial eye contact, and the idea of the masculine feminine polarity was one to chew over as well.

I think the main thing that helped me was to really question my mindsets in terms of what women would think of me when i approach to start a conversation and there has been a shift in my understanding of what women find attractive. In simple terms i didnt get the idea that hot girls would want me to approach them, want me to flirt with them and would want to see if my personality was attractive. I was more of the view that if you arent a big tall handsome guy you wouldnt stand a chance but the evidence over recent months shows me for sure that women want something other than just a poster boy.

I noticed my confidence go up and up over recent months and was able to chat to stunners in bars / have more flirty and fun relationships with the various girls at work etc since reading the book. I've been dating a girl I met a month ago and things are going great.

you boys deserve some kind of a nobel prize of something for getting this info out to our brothers around the world. "
Brian, USA

"Women approaching us all night"

"I've been using The Flow for about 3 months. One story I thought you'd appreciate is I was recently at a club with a mate (a natural!) and we knew the DJ at this particular club. So we were up in and around the DJ booth throughout the night using good body language and status whilst looking over the dance floor. Periodically we'd come onto the dance floor and have a dance. The response was unbelievable! We literally had women approaching us all night. It just goes to show that by displaying attractive traits and good status to women they can approach you, which makes the initial interaction so much easier. I got 2 phone numbers that night and ended up catching up with one of the girls later that night at an after party and we got it on...awesome" Simon, Australia

"Had sex that same night"

"Been using the techniques really well, met a great girl the other day, loads of cheeky flirting and ended up giving her a back massage in a club. Things were going well and I gave her a kiss on the neck after the massage and then chilled out by kicking back on the couch we were sitting on. Then I suggested we go to another club and she left her friends behind to go with me. Once outside, we both suggested chilling out somewhere instead and she said - let's go to my place, I have wine. Done! Had sex that same night. Cheers mate, top e-book, " Mark, Basel, Switzerland

"Easy to understand..."

"Very well done. Your techniques are fresh, intelligent, sincere and written in a easy to understand casual way - real life. Your 3 second look up and down followed by "Your pretty and I like your style" comment is great. I'll be using that one tonight at a party I'm attending..."  Lee, Canada

"I've got a date lined up...this week"

"It's painful to admit, but I now acknowledge that I've wasted a good 15 years of my life doing the wrong things. I am so glad to have found this material…I've got a date lined up with a hottie this coming week..." Michael, NSW, Australia

"I was like a fish out of water"

"...but when it came to getting a girlfriend, I was like a fish out of water. Since reading your book and applying the methods over the past 2 months, that has now changed.

I am in a relationship now with a girl that turns heads wherever we go...thank you!" Andrew, London, England

"Five stars"

"After years of enduring on with the odd bit of luck – I'm now having sex with new girls all the time, which is what I want because I think I deserve to have enjoy this before settling into a relationship. The flow ebook was a total bargain and I can't thank you enough for the clarity of the examples and instructions you provided…five stars from me."  Brian, NY, U.S.A.

"I often ended up being seen as the friend"

"I recently got dumped after dating a girl for over 6 months. It left me devastated; partly because she suddenly left me for reasons that I could not understand (I now understand that was because I stopped 'maintaining interest' and lost my unpredicatability/mysteriousness)

Luckily, it did not kill my confidence, so there was no problem there. The problem was more to do with my inability to flirt/create sexual tension, and thus I often ended up being seen as 'the friend.'

My above relationship happened more because of lucky chance than my ability with women. After reading your book, I have learnt some of the more important flirting/attraction techniques; (as well as boosted my already decent confidence levels) and thus have managed to attract a number of ladies =)

I've got a new beautiful girlfriend, and I could say I have another 3 in the pipeline/waiting list :p It was absolutely wonderful to actually be able to CHOOSE a girl, rather than relying on luck! Thanks"   Patrick R, London, UK

"Reading it was like flicking a switch in my head..."

"…By the time I got to page 40, I had already broken the ice with a girl I had never even been able to get a smile out of. Reading it was like flicking a switch in my head that changed my mindset straight away. I can only imagine how much easier things are going to get once I start really start to follow the techniques fully."  P, Melbourne, AUS

"This is awesome!"

"Fantastic! Absolutely eye-opening. Dan – your ability to take the reader through the 'process' of a natural courtship, while making it all so simple is amazing.

The results speak for themselves – I can actually walk up to girls now and chat to them confidently. It's only been a week and a half and I've gotten 3 phone numbers …this is awesome!"  Steve, CA, U.S.A.

"I used to have this 2 month curse when it came to women"

First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH, Dan!! You have helped me SIGNIFICANTLY with my life when it comes to women!

I have been dating this girl for about 2 1/2 months, and I used to have this 2 month curse when it came to women.

I never really was all that bad with women to begin with, but I had a horrible problem of trying to hard with them (like trying to impress them) and with falling in love with them too quickly.

Because of your book, I have learned what I need to change in my life to get the results that I want out of life!

Thanks to your book, I have got this girl to go from "let's just be friends" to "when are we gonna hang out again?" if you know what I mean. ;) Anyway, thanks again, Dan! You are a LIFESAVER! Sincerely, Drew, Alabama, USA

"I felt like I was never being my true self..."

"...I also hated that I was so shy around women and suppressed by a fear of rejection. I felt like I was never being my true self, which made me feel like a phony, or an outsider when I was around people. That has all changed now - not only have I been having sex with new women that I've met over the past couple of months, but I have new friends and brighter outlook on life. I'm so glad I got your book...who knows where I'd be if I didn't."  Peter, Alabama, USA

"She was shocked..."

"...Well, after reading your guide, I listened to what it said and followed it almost 100%. I mostly tried to remain calm, cool and collect. Today was valentines day, and I thought that i would shock/ surprise the girl ive liked for months now. She was shocked.

Though she knew that I liked her, she didn't know how much i did. I asked her to hang out with me sometime. I get the feeling that this could evolve into a relationship, and a very good one. With great thanks..."  David, USA

"Changed my dating big time..."

"...Hey Dan. I read the flow, its simple straight forward but man is it accurate. its changed my dating big time, thanks for your directions, its been great so far!"  Tom, Ireland

"She quickly texted me back..."

"Hi Dan, I bought 'the flow' a few weeks ago and it rationalized for me the now obvious things I was getting wrong. Particularly chatting the right way at a first meet in different situations.

Anyway, I was in a crowded bar with some pals, trying to get served. I was next to a really hot girl, who was also out with her pals. I started chatting to her about how its great fun bumping into people while getting served. She chatted and joked and by the time we both got served I had moved the conversation on to all sorts of more flirty stuff. She was too.

We both went back to our pals but I could see her glancing at me across the bar. When she went to the bar again I made a point of standing next to her and the conversation got real fun and flirty and lots of laughs.

She put her no. in my phone and I said she was cool but I was with my pals, so I'd be in touch. The next day I texted her and she quickly texted me back. We exchanged texts for a few days then I arranged dinner. The date went well, lots of fun and things have moved on well, so we see one another regularly. She is 26 and I'm 56.

I'm so grateful to the 'Flow' as it prevented me from chickening out after the first chance encounter and helped with the correct approach for a 'bar' situation.

Yours, Grahame"

"Absolutely incredible!"

"...Just wanted to drop you guys a quick line and let you know that your book in absolutely incredible! Not a month after reading your book, I went out to the bar with some friends.

Well, in the past I would have hung out with my friends and thought "If I talk to anyone else aside from my friends, I'm going to get ridiculed" I decided that, no matter how much I might trip over myself and goof things up because I'm not used to going up to strangers and striking up a conversation, I would do it that night, and let me tell you....Its amazing how much different things were just taking some of your tips on just projecting confidence and not slinking away at first sign of resistance. Your book is like my bible now!

To this day, being Wednesday, it has been 4 days since I was out with those friends, and I have phoned a couple of the numbers, didn't go fishing for a date, actually never asked for one in the first phone call, and THEY called ME back asking me to meet up for coffee or drinks.

I just have one word left for you guys....THANKS!"  Jeff, Winnipeg, Canada

"We even had sex on the same night!"

" I used your tips and I got a kiss and we even had sex the same night!"  Joseph, New York, USA

"I have been a pussy when it comes to women..."

"After reading your e-book I realise I have been a pussy when it comes to women. Especially my fiance' after 8 years of her being mostly the boss around the house."  Ted, England

"Literally begging me into the bedroom..."

"Hi Dan

I know you deal with mainly single guys, but here is some encouragement for any married guys who need to sharpen up on their relationship skills.

I have read and listened to just about all of your material. While I was already familiar with much of what you teach out of having had to get my own masculine act together the hard way, your work has filled in a number of important gaps for me and has inspired me to be much more proactive in my relationship with my wife.

Flirting, being risque, being unpredictable, being sexually adventurous, being the higher status person and so on, has my wife clawing at my clothes and literally begging me into the bedroom every night.

I can say from direct experience as a happily married man, that what you and your team teach, has great implications for married men as well as single ones.

My wife will be the first person to back me up on this.

Regards"  Richard L, QLD, Australia

"Amazing how easy it is..."

"I wish I ordered your ebook earlier. I just met this lady online and spoke to her over the phone, we hit it off very well and we decided to meet half way from where we live. We live 4 hours apart. Amazing how easy it is when you know what to do..."  Anonymous, USA

"You're right on point!"

"...I ordered the e-book Flow, figuring I'd blow $50 taking a girl to dinner, so what the hey. You're right on point! Thanks so much."  Bob in Santa Monica

"In 3 months, I'd already had 8 dates..."

"...After a lifetime of women basically 'ignoring' me and seeing me only as a friend, I read your book and in 3 months I'd already had 8 dates.

Its mindblowing how well your stuff works...I ended up choosing one of the best women out of those 8 and she's now my girlfriend. Couldn't have done it without your techniques, so thank you!"  Evan, USA

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