The Ultimate Guide to Conversation

The Ultimate Guide to Conversation

How to start conversations, keep them going and keep them interesting when talking to women in person.

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  • 10 hours.
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72 Conversation Starters

72 Conversation Starters

Quick reference guide with all of the conversation starters from The Ultimate Guide to Conversation, plus exclusive conversation starters that are only found in this bonus guide. 40-page ebook. $97 value.

The problem

When a guy lacks the conversation skills necessary to make a woman want to have sex or a relationship with him, he will usually avoid starting conversations when he has an opportunity to talk to a woman he likes.

If he does manage to start a conversation with a woman he likes, he will often run out of things to say, or the conversation will quickly become boring and the woman will lose interest.

Even if he is a good guy and would be a great match for her, she will naturally lose interest and assume that they just don't have enough of a connection for something to happen.

The solution

The Ultimate Guide to Conversation teaches you everything that you need to know about starting conversations, keeping them going and keeping them interesting, as well as making women want you sexually and romantically as you talk to them.

You will be amazed and even shocked, at how much your success with women changes by even using a few of the conversation techniques in this program.

How it works

The conversation techniques that we have developed make women feel sexually attracted to you and then begin to fall in love with you.

A woman feels like she has known you for a long time (due to the amount of instant rapport and connection she feels), or as though you and her are just meant to be, so she opens up and wants something to happen between you and her.

By using these undetectable, powerful techniques, you will attract and connect with women on deeper and more meaningful levels than you ever have before.

You will see that women wake up and become turned on by you as you talk to them.

It is an amazing thing to experience, especially because it then leads to kissing, sex and a relationship, due to the woman wanting you so much.

During the 10 hours of audio, Dan, Ben and Stu explore the many different elements of an attractive conversation with a woman, providing you with techniques and word-for-word conversation examples to use each step of the way.

Dan, Ben and Stu also point out all of the mistakes that guys make in conversation, which cause women to lose attraction and interest, even though the guy usually could have picked her up if he knew what he was doing.

After listening to this program, you will know exactly what to say and what not to say, so you can naturally and easily get what you want with women from now on.

The broad categories in this program are:

  • Understanding women in conversation.
  • Conversation starters.
  • Keeping a conversation going and keeping it interesting.
  • Mistakes guys make that ruin conversation with women.
  • Maintaining confidence in conversation.
  • Making conversation on dates.
What you will learn

Here are some samples from the program:

Respond in Different Ways

Mistake #12: Not Using Humor

How to Tell Her That You Like Her

Conversation Starter Formula


  • Introduction: Understand the true purpose of a conversation between a man and a woman. Plus, discover the style of conversation that allows you to attract almost every woman you meet.

Understanding Women in Conversation

  • What women prefer: Learn the 3 essential components to an enjoyable, attractive conversation with a woman. Unless you include these 3 things, women won't find your conversation interesting, appealing or enjoyable and will lose interest no matter what else you are trying to offer/do.
  • Reading between the lines: Discover how to read between the lines and understand what women really mean when they say certain things to you. Use this to your advantage to know when a woman likes you and wants you to make a move on her.
  • Making a great first impression: Captivate a woman's attention and sweep her off her feet with our tested, proven to work ways to make a great first impression. She will be amazed, attracted, interested and excited to be talking to you.
  • Avoiding awkward silences: Discover the only proven way to avoid awkward silences during a conversation with a woman. From now on, your conversations with flow smoothly and easily and you won't run out of things to say, or start feeling awkward and become tongue-tied.
  • Getting her talking: Use subtle conversation techniques that will get her doing most of the talking, or at the very least, become open and interested in talking to you and contributing a lot to the conversation.

Common Fears and Frustrations in Conversation

  • Women looking uninterested: How to handle a situation where a woman appears to be uninterested in talking to you, or is pretending to be uninterested to test your confidence.
  • Fear of rejection: Do you sometimes avoid talking to women you find attractive because you fear being rejected? Here's how to overcome this problem and be confident from now on.
  • Having to make small talk: A lot of intelligent guys don't like 'small talk' because it doesn't allow them to showcase their strength (academic intelligence). However, small talk is an essential part of socializing with women you don't know. Learn the best way to make small talk, in a fun, interesting and intelligent way that is enjoyable for both of you.
  • Fear of being judged or embarrassed: When talking to a woman you like, do you find yourself holding back on expressing yourself due to a fear of being judged for saying, or doing the wrong thing? What to do instead.
  • Unsure how to show interest: A lot of guys spend hours, weeks or months talking to a woman they like, but only talk to her as a friend. Discover the quickest, easiest and most effective ways to show sexual and romantic interest and have it reciprocated by the woman.
  • Confusing conversation: Women often say one thing and mean something completely different. Then, they expect you to just 'understand' what they're trying to tell you, or hint at. In this section, you'll learn the secret language of women...and women will love you for it.
  • Running out of things to say: Most guys feel like they run out of things to say when talking to women. In this section, you'll learn 6 powerful secrets to keeping conversations going and keeping them interesting.
  • Women not saying much at the start: If you've ever felt frustrated that some women don't say much when you first start talking to them, you're most likely making some crucial conversation mistakes, which cause women to react in that way. Discover the cure in this section. Of course, sometimes you will meet a horrible woman and that's not your fault, but in almost all cases, women will open up and be friendly if you approach the conversation correctly (i.e in an attractive way that makes her feel compelled to contribute).
  • Unsure how to handle disagreements: What if you say something that a woman disagrees with? What if she's not into the same kind of things as you? Learn how to use a 'disagreement' as an opportunity to build her attraction and interest in you.
  • Fear of talking to beautiful women: Discover why most men don't talk to the women they find most attractive. Plus, learn the secret conversation technique that helps you begin enjoying a plentiful supply of beautiful women who like you and want to be with you.

Conversation Starters

  • The perfect start: The 6 things you need to know to ensure that your conversation with a woman starts smoothly and she likes you straight away. Get this wrong and you will create an awkward vibe, or cause her to be closed up.
  • Conversation starter formula: Instantly come up with the perfect conversation starter, by using our simple, practical 'Conversation Starter Formula.' Works every time!
  • Recommended conversation starters: Discover the 3 best types of conversation starters that ensure you will make a great first impression and kick things off correctly.
  • 60+ situational conversation starters: Hear Dan, Ben and Stu demonstrate and explain how to use over 60 different conversation starters in this section. Examples include conversation starters for a supermarket/grocery store, bar, walking along the street, in a café, lining up to get tickets for a movie, on public transport, a woman walking a dog, a woman carrying a musical instrument, woman listening to music on her phone and much more.
  • Conversation starters to avoid: Some conversation starters will lead to an instant rejection, or cause a woman to look at you strangely. Listen to this section to discover the types of conversation starters that you must avoid!

Keeping a Conversation Going and Keeping it Interesting

  • Getting the conversation going: What can you say after a conversation starter to get the conversation moving along? Listen to this section and discover the best things to talk about after the conversation starter that naturally get women excited and interested to be talking to you.
  • Listening to her: Find out where most guys go wrong regarding listening to women as they talk to them. Plus, apply our proven to work techniques that naturally establish instant connections with the women you meet. These techniques make a woman feel like you really understand her and that you and her 'click' in an attractive way.
  • Responding in different ways: Most guys make the mistake of responding in pretty much the same way to almost everything a woman says. Be more interesting, appealing and attractive by responding in the fun and interesting ways that we suggest in this section. You will enjoy the conversation so much more as well.
  • Using flirting: Avoid the 'friend zone' by using our non-sleazy, proven flirting techniques that drive women wild. Make her melt in your presence and feel an intense, sexual attraction for you that lasts.
  • Using humor: Ever heard a woman say that she wants a guy who can make her laugh? Women love to feel good and unless your conversation is funny and includes humor, most women will lose interest in talking to you. You don't have to make a woman laugh all the time, but you do need to add in the right type of humor or else the conversation will become boring or too nice (i.e. you will end up in the friend zone).
  • Being more animated in your expressions: Pump up your personality and be fun, interesting and engaging by using the practical techniques from this section. You'll notice that a woman's face will 'light up' with excitement and happiness when you use these powerful techniques. It's also so much more enjoyable for you because you don't end up 'going into your shell' by being too polite, reserved or hesitant. You let your real, true self and feelings come through and women love you for it.
  • Using emotional words: Do you find that your conversations with women tend to get boring pretty quickly? Especially after you've done the whole "Where are you from? What do you do?" part of the conversation? Experience the power of using emotional words in your conversation...and watch woman after woman almost instantly fall in love with you.
  • Common questions to keep the conversation going: Ask the thought-provoking questions that are included in this section and you'll be deep in conversation for hours!
  • Being your real self: A lot of guys make the mistake of putting on a false, or extra nice personality around women...and women can smell it a mile away. Create deep, meaningful and truthful connections with women by using our proven techniques for being your real self. There's nothing better than a woman loving you for YOU.
  • Telling stories: Why is it that some people can tell great stories that captivate everyone's attention, while others sound boring or even like they're bragging? Listen to this powerful section as we reveal easy, practical techniques that you can use instantly to have women (and people in general) become mesmerized by your stories.
  • Going into deep rapport: When is the right time to 'get deep' and explore deeper and more personal, private conversations with a woman? Learn the what, when, how, why and where of going into deep rapport with women. Use these techniques to quickly build relationships with women that you meet and establish a powerful connection that sets you apart from all the other guys.
  • Social Dos and Don'ts: Learn the top Dos and Don'ts of socializing with women. Get these right and you'll be seen as a cool, confident and charming guy. Get them wrong and women (and people in general) won't be able to connect with you properly (i.e. it will feel awkward).
  • Conversation topics to avoid: Find out the conversation topics that will turn women off in an instant. You must avoid these topics unless you have a high level of skill when talking to women and can handle anything. Prior to getting to that level of skill, you must try to avoid these topics at all costs because if you can't handle the woman's negative reaction to them, she will feel turned off and close up.
  • Complimenting women in the right way: Listen to examples of how and when to compliment women. Sweep a woman off her feet with a perfectly placed compliment. Also, discover all the mistakes that guys make with compliments that ruin a woman's interest during a conversation, on a date and in a relationship.
  • Handling compliments and criticism with class: What should you say if a woman compliments you? There are many correct and incorrect ways to respond. The same goes if a woman criticizes you, or disagrees with something you've said or done. You'll hear many examples in this section that will save you from creating embarrassing situations when talking to women.
  • Ending conversations smoothly: When should you end a conversation with a woman, walk away and leave her wanting more? How can you do it smoothly? What should you say to her so she feels keen to talk to you again? Learn the classiest and most attractive way to end conversations with women, so they are excited to talk to you the next time.

Mistakes Guys Make That Ruin Conversation With Women

  • Talking about yourself: How much should you talk about yourself, versus getting a woman to talk about herself? Get this wrong and you will find it hard to attract pretty women and establish meaningful relationships with them that last.
  • Being attentive: Discover the right amount of attention that you should show to a woman during a conversation when you want her to feel instant and lasting attraction for you. Get this wrong and you can easily come across as too needy, or too uninterested. It's important to get this part right if you want smooth, easy and consistent success with women.
  • Being emotional: We all know that women don't like guys who are too sensitive. However, what kind of emotion does a woman actually want you to show during conversation? Listen to this section to discover how to make a woman melt and literally 'fall in love with you' during a conversation by expressing emotions in an attractive way.
  • Assertive vs. passive: How strong should you be in your opinions when talking to a woman? How forceful should you be when asking a woman out, or getting her phone number? The answers to these questions (and many more in this section) will amaze you.
  • Talking to women vs. talking to guys: There are important changes that you need to make to your conversation style when talking to a woman vs. talking to a guy. Get this wrong with attractive women and you'll end up in the 'friend zone'.
  • Creating distrust: Discover the subtle mistakes that some guys make during conversations, which cause a woman to feel cautious and not trust his motives. Learn the right way to talk to a woman, so she feels comfortable, trusts you and immediately opens up to kissing, sex or a relationship.
  • Being unimpressive: Subtle conversational mistakes that some guys make when talking about themselves, which cause them to look unimpressive. Surprisingly, these mistakes mostly happen when a guy is trying to impress a woman. Discover the right way to impress women with even the simplest things.
  • Contribution level: Do you sometimes say nothing at all (i.e. to avoid saying the wrong thing, or due to worrying too much about what to say), instead of saying anything just to keep the conversation going? Discover why this will ruin your chances with most women and how to fix it immediately, using the practical, easy-to-use techniques in this section.
  • Trying to fix her problems: Most guys ruin the perfect chance to connect with a woman, or attract her when she asks for advice on something, or is complaining, or whining about something. Discover the BEST ways to respond when a woman is looking for advice, complaining about something or just whining and being annoying. These responses ensure that you maintain her attraction for you, while still being a good man to her.
  • Mood killers: Avoid ruining the mood between you and a woman by steering clear of the conversation mistakes revealed in this section.
  • Disconnections: Find out the different ways guys accidentally cause a 'disconnect' between themselves and a woman they are trying to attract. Learn how to create instant and lasting connections between you and the women you meet.
  • Not funny: Discover why getting the right blend of humor in your conversations with women is critical to your success. Plus, why some guys who try too hard to be funny (in the wrong way) end up screwing up their chances with women.
  • Dishonesty: A lot of guys tell 'white lies' when trying to impress women and don't realize that most women can tell. Find out how to get women to love you for who you are right now...and not for any exaggerated story, or particular achievement in life that you think might be impressive to her, enough to want to be with you.
  • Lacking manliness: You may have heard a woman say, "I want a real man" and wondered what she means by that. If so, make sure you listen to this section and discover the secrets to showing women that you are the real man they've been looking for all along.
  • Lacking a sexual vibe: Find out how to instantly create a sexual vibe between you and a woman, so she wants to have sex with you and start a relationship with you, rather than putting you in the dreaded 'friend zone'.
  • Neediness: When you REALLY like a woman, do you find it hard to stay relaxed and not seem to keen? Neediness is a MASSIVE turn off to attractive women and there are many signs of neediness that you need to avoid. Listen to this section to learn how to be totally cool, confident and relaxed when talking to the woman of your dreams.

Conversation Jam Session

  • Random words: Listen in as Dan, Ben and Stu create conversations on the fly based on random words chosen on the spot. You'll learn how Dan, Ben and Stu instantly create humor and attractive conversations on the fly and how they come up with examples of what to say to women.

Maintaining Confidence in Conversation

  • Confidence Mindset #1: Ever made a bad first impression on a woman during conversation and lost confidence over it, or said something awkward to a woman and regretted it for a long time? Here's how to feel totally confident in those situations from now on, as well as how to recover from a bad first impression.
  • Confidence Mindset #2: How can you remain composed and confident during conversations with women you really like, or with a group of attractive women? The answer will surprise you. Use the mindset from this section to maintain your confidence and composure when talking to attractive women.
  • Confidence Mindset #3: Learn how many guys subtly destroy their chances with a woman during a conversation and end up losing confidence as a result. Plus, find out how to always feel totally confident when talking to a woman, while also ensuring that she feels irresistibly attracted to you.
  • Confidence Mindset #4: Do you sometimes feel shy, nervous or anxious when the spotlight turns on you during a conversation with a woman you like? Here's how to avoid ever feeling that way again. Plus, you will learn a confident mindset that will serve you well for the rest of your life, not only with women but in all social situations.

Date Conversation

  • Establishing a relationship: Too often, guys ruin their chances with a woman on the first date by saying all the wrong things. Discover how to set the foundation for a sexual, loving and lasting relationship while on dates with women.
  • Making her want you sexually: How to ensure that your date doesn't end awkwardly, with you being placed in the 'friend zone.' Use the proven techniques in this section to make a woman want you so much that begins to make it obvious that she is interested sexually and romantically.
  • Making her fall in love with you: Learn how to make a woman feel intense attraction for you and begin to naturally fall in love with you during a conversation.
  • Dating multiple women: If you don't want a committed relationship right now and would rather date and have sex with multiple women for a while, follow the advice given on managing many dating relationships at once. It's up to you what you do with this power. You can also use this attitude to make one woman try hard to get you to commit to her, even if you're not dating or sleeping with other women. You then allow her to become your girlfriend and she feels excited, proud and keen to be the best woman she can be for you.
Some of the Benefits You Will Experience
  • Start conversations with natural ease: 72 tested conversation starters are included in this program. You will hear each of them being vocally demonstrated by Dan, Ben or Stu, so you know the correct tonality and expression to use when saying them. That way, you can begin getting results right away, rather than having to go through a period of trial and error.
  • Keep conversations going: If you can't maintain a conversation with a woman for long enough, you simply won't have enough time to establish a relationship, or at least a meaningful connection that could lead to a relationship. This program will not only teach exactly how to keep conversations going, but you will hear 100s of tested examples that you can use in your conversations immediately.
  • Keep conversations interesting: There's probably nothing worse that starting a conversation with a woman you like and then watching as it becomes awkward and boring before your very eyes. You try to think of something interesting to say, but nothing seems to work and your opportunity is gone. From today onwards, your conversations will not only be highly interesting to women, but more interesting to you too.
  • Make a great first impression: Fumbling over your words, or saying the wrong things can quickly ruin your opportunity with a woman. When you know the exact words to use to kick conversations off correctly, you'll always be able to make a great first impression.
  • Make her laugh: You've probably heard a woman say, "I like a guy who can make me laugh" before right? Practically every woman says this. It's critically important that you know how to make women laugh during a conversation. In this program, you will hear 100s of examples of funny things to say and do around women, which are guaranteed to get a laugh.
  • Make her sexually attracted to you: If a woman is not sexually attracted to you, you can talk to her for HOURS (even months) and not progress to a sexual relationship. The fastest way to get a woman sexually attracted to you is through confident, funny and flirtatious conversation…and you'll learn exactly how to do all that in this program.
  • Express your interest in her correctly: A lot of guys make the mistake of revealing their feelings for a woman in the wrong way. Unfortunately, this often leads the woman to end the friendship/relationship and the guy loses his chance. In this program, you will learn the correct way to show your interest in a woman during a conversation. Best of all, this method is 100% simply cannot get rejected if you use our proven techniques for talking to women.
  • Overcome nerves, anxiety and shyness: Women aren't attracted to the nervousness, shyness or anxiety of a guy. In fact, it's as much of a turn off to women as obese women are to men. In this program, we discuss the many issues that cause nervousness, anxiety and shyness during conversation and provide proven techniques to instantly overcome these problems.
  • Always know what to say: Most guys avoid talking to women because they simply don't know what to say. This leads them to months (even years) of not having a girlfriend. In The Ultimate Guide to Conversation, you will hear 100s of examples of what to say to women to start and continue conversations. You will never be stuck thinking, "...but, I don't know what to say to her!"
  • Read between the lines: Women often speak a different language than men do. They do this by talking about things indirectly and hinting at things, while we men like to get right to the point. When you listen to this program, you will quickly learn the secret language that all women speak. From there, you will always know when women are hinting at liking you, wanting to kiss you and wanting to get into a relationship with you.
  • Guaranteed to work: Like everything you learn here at The Modern Man, what you learn from this program is guaranteed to work. By using our conversation techniques women will instantly become interested in you, want to date you and want to enter a relationship with you.
  • Avoid saying the wrong things: Have you ever been talking to a woman and everything was going fine, but you then said something and she instantly changed how she felt toward you? Don't worry – this happens all the time. Most guys don't realize that a lot of the things they say to women ruin the woman's attraction and interest in them. This amazing program will teach you the right way to express your feelings, opinions and ideas to women in the right way.
  • Respond in an interesting way: Guys who struggle to keep their conversations interesting will often be making the mistake of responding in a similar way to pretty much everything a woman says. In The Ultimate Guide to Conversation, you will learn how to respond in fun, interesting and unique ways when talking to women so they enjoy talking to you and want to get to know you more.
  • Avoid rejection when you ask her out: It's a big moment for a lot of guys: Actually having the balls to ask a woman out. Well, for guys who know how to talk to women properly, it's one of the easiest parts of the dating process. We'll teach you the exact way to ask a woman out, which guarantees you won't get rejected.
  • Feel totally confident when talking to beautiful women: Most guys want to have a beautiful woman as a girlfriend, wife or sex buddy. Yet, when they talk to these women they often 'freeze up' or become 'tongue-tied' and nervous. There are easy ways to fix these problems and you'll find all the solutions in this program.
  • Avoid awkward silences: You know the moment right? You start talking to a woman and then run out of things to say. She just looks at you and there's that awkward silence…then you lose your opportunity. If only you had something interesting to say, or the right questions to ask her to keep the conversation going! Well, you will when you listen to The Ultimate Guide to Conversation – it's jam-packed with ready-to-use examples. You'll never, ever have to experience awkward silences again.
  • Stay out of the friend zone: A lot of guys end up in the 'friend zone' with women because they don't know how to show sexual interest during a conversation. They also don't know how to get the woman to show her sexual interest back. In this program, you'll discover powerful ways of causing women to feel intense sexual attraction for you…even if you've already known the woman for a while and are in the friend zone now.
  • Spark & maintain attraction: If a woman isn't attracted to you, it doesn't matter how much you talk to her – she still won't want you sexually. Using our proven techniques for conversation, you will be able to instantly spark a woman's attraction for you and then maintain that all the way into and throughout a relationship.
  • Be yourself and be loved for it: There's nothing better than women being attracted to you as a person and then falling in love with you for who you really are on the inside. When you learn how to talk to women correctly, they will eagerly try to get to know you. They'll find almost everything you say interesting and they will want to keep talking to you.
  • Talk your way into a relationship: Unless you talk to a woman, nothing will happen. She might as well be a photo on the internet to you…because all you're going to do is look at her. When you listen to The Ultimate Guide to Conversation, you'll discover exactly what to say all the way from the conversation starter to the bedroom and into the relationship. Just knowing this gives you a massive boost in confidence and will allow you to act when you have an opportunity to speak to a woman.
  • Avoid being seen as needy or desperate: A lot of guys try not to appear needy or desperate during conversations with women they like, but they find it almost impossible to hide it. When you listen to this program, you will discover powerful techniques that will instantly eliminate any signs of neediness and desperation. In fact, these techniques are so powerful that they make the WOMAN become the needy and desperate one for you.
  • Handle tricky situations with ease: Sometimes, it won't be as straightforward as talking to a woman, getting a number and going on a date. Sometimes things get in the way and make it harder to get to that point. Using our tested conversation examples, you will easily handle these 'tricky' situations and get the result you want.
  • Enjoy options: The more women you talk to, the more options you will have for sex, dating and relationships – it sounds simple, but that's how it works! You'll find that just by talking to women and using the techniques we provide in this program, you will immediately begin to see a change in how women treat you. They will want you as a boyfriend, husband or lover and it will be your choice whether you progress forward.
  • Avoid running out of things to say: This probably has to be one of the biggest problems for guys when talking to women. They know of a few things to say, but then run out of things to say and the conversation dies. Listen to The Ultimate Guide to Conversation and you will discover 100s of cool, funny, interesting things to say to women that keep your conversations going and keep them interesting!

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“Hi Dan.

I have been meaning to send you one of my success stories for some time now.

There is one in particular that has happened recently that I would like to share with you.

I was at a friend’s house party and there was a girl there that I’ve known for some time.

I have been wanting to get with this girl for quite a while, but I never had the foggiest notion on how to approach, what say to her, or have the confidence to (due to my way below average looks, etc).

Anyways, had to leave the party early, unfortunately, but while I was there I merely used some of the teachings from “mastery methods and mindsets and the ultimate guide to conversation”.

After applying some of the simple techniques (being real, not being too nice, avoiding nervousness, etc), the following day I got a text message from an anonymous number, that eventually turned out to be the girl at the party that I’ve been after all this time. She was asking me out!

I couldn’t believe what was happening!

I literally thought that I was dreaming.

The funny part is that I was simply just being myself! The same friendly guy! I honestly believe that it’s paramount that every decent man out there should know about the modern man. I have truly being struggling in my life.

All I needed (which I obviously didn’t know) was a few simple changes and a push in the right direction. I am still taking it one step at a time and these two products alone have opened my eyes in ways I could never have imagined.

I can’t wait to get hold of some of the other products and see what else my life has in store for me. I would like to say a monumental thank you to you guys. You have got me out of this dark, lonely hole that I’ve been hiding away in.

You have completely turned my life around for the better and not just in regard to relationships with women.

Everything from my new job to meeting new people. EVERYTHING! I will never be able to emphasize the impact you have had on my life. So a great big thank you again and I wish only the best for you guys. Sincerely, Jonathan”

“Hey guys,

My first approach since I listened to ultimate guide to conversation. I’m not even halfway through the program and I got results!

I used Stu’s approach of saying two words and pausing to start the conversation. The response was hilarious. Here’s what happened:

I was grabbing a coffee at Starbucks and saw this hot woman sitting in front of me. Her back was facing me so it was awkward positioning but it opened up as I settled for about 5 minutes.

We smiled at each other immediately and she started playing with her hair. She turned around to stretch back and I said “nice shoes”. She said thank you. I said it wasn’t a compliment.

She put her feet out and looked at her shoes with a smile and said they are cute. Now we are off in conversation. We talked about basic stuff what she does for work, exercise etc.

I spoke from my perspective, threw in some flirting and humor and after 15 minutes of talk got her number and left. Texted her last night and arranged a date for tomorrow. Unbelievable how well this works.

The funny thing is when I saw her I immediately started feeling anxious inside because she was so pretty.

It wasn’t until I relaxed and activated confident mindsets that I calmed down and started thinking clearly and waited for my opportunity to begin the conversation.

Thanks for making this program and sharing your knowledge and experience with us guys. It really works! Wes”

“I got Dating Power, Better Than a Bad Boy, Alpha Male Power and your Conversation product after using The Flow to get laid three times in about 6 months.

I wasn’t putting much effort into using The Flow because I am busy with my work but I think getting laid 3 times was good especially when I hadn’t had sex for 2 years prior to that.

Something hit me though about 3 months ago when I saw my friends getting into relationships and I was still just getting laid and not following up to keep the girl.

So I decided to keep learning from you and deepening my knowledge. I watched those 3 programs and listened to the ultimate guide to Conversation and then hit the bars in my city about 1 month ago.

I made a conscious decision to only talk to the very attractive women as you suggest and to my surprise I was able to get them attracted to me.

I was genuinely surprised but I know that your advice does work so it was sort of like another confirmation that I was doing this right.

I got 2 phone numbers and a kiss that night and then had a date the following week with the woman I liked the most. She and I started having casual sex and now we are seeing each other at least twice a week.

I am not yet fully ready for a relationship though I think. Something in me tells me to keep having fun and maybe settle down in about a year or more.

So I have been going out on Friday nights and I have had sex with 2 more women and I have another few who text me and call me looking to set up dates. It feels good to have this power.

I spent most of my life clawing and fighting to just get one woman interested enough to date me and now I have plenty of offers.

I will let you know when I have more success stories to share Dan but that is all for me now! Jake”

“Hey Dan!

At first I was unsure about learning from The Modern Man.

Eventually, after a failed relationship (in which I felt “whipped”) and continuous failure with women, my frustration made me realize that I needed a little help.

I decided to take a leap of faith and learn from the guys at The Modern Man. Now, I can definitely say that learning from you guys was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The programs you guys provide are extremely detailed yet very easy for men to relate to and understand.

The material is geared towards women, but becoming good with women is only one of the benefits one gains from learning from these guys.

Better Than a Bad Boy, The Ultimate Guide to Conversation, and of course The Flow have improved all areas of my life, including my work, happiness, relationships, and of course my ability with women.

After learning from Dan, Ben and Stu a few months ago I still feel like I am dripping with confidence!

I can now chat and attract any woman I meet and that usually leads to something sexual now which has been a lot of fun.

My occasional depression has been replaced by an excitement for life, and all my social anxiety has disappeared.

People can see my masculinity and confidence, and treat me better.

I used to have seemingly endless problems with women. Now my problems revolve around deciding which women I want to date!

My ex girlfriend loves me more than ever now that she can relax into her feminine mode.

Even though I don’t want an exclusive relationship anymore, she still wants to date and have sex with me. I could write way more about how my life has turned around, but it would get too long!

Thanks Dan, Ben and Stu! From Cameron”

Hello, I purchased The Ultimate Guide To Conversation a few years ago.

I'll be brutally honest, I thought this was going to be a load of bollocks. I got it more out of hope than expectation, having paid for some less than amazing dating-related products from other coaches. I was pleased to discover that I was quite wrong.

The dialogue format involving Dan, Ben and Stu is very effective. It's more like listening to a bunch of your mates talking about their experiences with starting and having conversations with women.

The difference being, Dan, Ben and Stu know what they're talking about (unlike most of my actual mates).

I regularly listen to some of the audios in this before going out socialising and I find it helps get me tuned into the right frame of mind before approaching and talking to women.

This is an excellent training product and I have benefited immensely from it. Thanks, Robert

“Just a quick note to you guys as I know you get a lot of emails!

Anyway, I used the tips from your conversation program to FINALLY talk to a woman I’ve liked for about 6 months…I know her through a friend.

I’d always been too shy to talk to her and worried about stuffing up because I didn’t really know what to say and how to ask her out.

Well, I said what you guys recommended to say and it worked!

We went out on a date last night and it ended with a passionate kiss next to her car. The conversation on the date was exciting, interesting, funny and her eyes were basically popping out of her head with excitement. Was so cool!

She texted me this morning saying she had a great time! Unbelievable result! Thanks guys – couldn’t have done it without your guidance. PJ”

“Awesome guys! You’ve really done it this time.

Your other information on approaching women is stellar and has helped me get dates, but I have to admit that I’ve been struggling with keeping conversations going and keeping them interesting – and that has been holding me back from really achieving what I want with women.

The best part of this program is the amount of examples of what to say. I feel like I am ready for battle this weekend for sure! Chad”

“Hey guys, loving the program!

The things that are really standing out for me and are really helpful are: conversation jam session, fixing women’s problems, listening, fears and frustrations, questions to keep conversations going.

You covered all the questions I needed answering about difficult women which is what I was looking for!!!

When Stu said if a woman is giving 20% you gotta give 80% and so on really helped, because I used to feel that if a woman isn’t giving much, it is wrong to continue the conversation because feels forced, but now I know its the right thing to do!

I have to stick with the conversation instead of giving up because women often test a guy by not saying much. Now I know how to handle that. Thank you!

Also when you were talking about Ash and if woman doesn’t like him “well she’s boring, she doesn’t deserve my time and effort, bad luck for her.”

I started to look at women that way too, but hearing it from some one else made me think I’m really on the right track. Go out and have fun, and bring women into your good nite.

If they don’t join in, go find someone else who is up for a good time. That’s the key! Dinesh T”

“Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I’m working through the ultimate guide to conversation, and so far it’s really entertaining and educational, which is great. Shaun”

“It’s an amazing revelation for me that your stuff works so well. 2 weeks ago my super hot hairdresser was asking if I had my own place, flirting with me and arranging to meet out at a club etc.

Before I listened to the Ultimate Guide to Conversation I was so socially/emotionally dumb I would have just thought she was just making conversation and taken everything literally…lol!

But now I know that there’s a whole world of sub communication as you well – VERY COOL to know this stuff! I met my hairdresser out last night and kissed her! Lol…I feel amazing right now!! AB”

“I’ve just recently bought the conversation product. I’m half way through it and it iss brilliant.

I’ve always been good with conversation, been a good listener and able to connect but this has just upped my game so much because I am now getting to understand the attraction side of things.

This has already improved the quality of my conversational ability ten fold … I’ve put some of it into practice and I’m consciously seeing some of the things I was oblivious to, like signs of interest from women. I was missing all the cues from women who liked me. This is a game changer! Michael”

“I got your conversation program 1.5 months ago and got a girlfriend within 2 weeks of using the material (I met this girl at the cafe she works at).

Now, I haven’t had a proper girlfriend for 7 years prior to this, so you can imagine the boring life I’ve been living.

Anyway, I just wanted to write you and say thanks for teaching us guys this stuff, because I am now in a relationship with an amazing, loving and caring woman who is also beautiful.

On the weekend when she was staying over my place, we were lying in bed in the morning and she turned to me and said I love you. Man, I can’t tell you how good that made me feel!

I feel like a new man and I owe a lot of thanks to what I got from your conversation program…it really helped me bring out the more interesting side to my personality.

Most women found me boring when I talked to them, so they would lose interest pretty quickly.

Now people love talking to me and I feel like I’m really being my true self these days…and that makes me feel so good as a person.

I also no longer feel awkward when talking to people I don’t know, or to beautiful women who used to made me feel nervous – now I just speak with confidence and ease, which makes me feel so good as a person.

Women at work are now treating me with more respect now too. I can’t thank you guys enough – keep up the great work! Paul”

“I would also like to congratulate you for the quality of the content of the material. You are really professional and I am glad with my purchase. Fabrico”

“…have only listened to about 2 hours so far and I’m smiling ear to ear. I’ve been wondering how to talk to a girl I like at work and now I have the answers…I’m going to give it a try tomorrow. Wish me luck! PH”

“I’ve almost completely gone through your guide to conversation now.

I must say, at first, I felt a little reluctant to buy your product over the internet because I ‘d never bought something in this way and I also didn’t know what the quality of your product would be.

But now I’m glad I did.

It’s been a lot of fun to listen to, and of course very enlightening. It really exceeded my expectations.

In this way I want to thank Ben, Stu and you for supplying this kind of product.

Now I have some guidance in conversations with women. I still need a lot of practice, I know that, but I’m eager to get out there and go for it. Mark”

“I skipped straight to the part on flirting because it is what I need the most.

When girls talk to me they get the idea that I’m just ‘too nice’ and there’s no spark or anything between us…I’ve tried to flirt before but couldn’t get it to work.

Now I get it, finally. Thanks a bunch for all the flirting examples – I’ll be using this stuff on Friday night at my local bar. It’s going to be fun I know it. Gary”

“Dan I got laid today when I went for my CPR class.

We had lunch during our break then we wound up having sex in the woods next to our campus.

I can’t wait to listen to the rest thank you so much for your help. It was the craziest thing that ever happened to me! Jordan”

“The Ultimate Guide to Conversation is so satisfying that I feel obligated to help you convince other guys to take a leap of faith and buy it.

I suppose I should start with the condition I was in before I bought the product about two and a half weeks ago. I was (and still am) a 17 year old senior in High School.

I know that your first thought will probably be that at this age I am too YOUNG to be worrying about this sort of thing (I notice that a lot of guys who buy your stuff are between 20 to 35), but I have had unusual difficulties, and it is not in my temperament to procrastinate even with things I know are easy.

I avoided girls on purpose until I had my first crush at the age of 15.

It was a terrible shock to suddenly find a girl I had ignored for the previous decade to be indescribably delightful.

After about three months of careful observation and thought, I realized that girls love to talk, and so talking to the girls I liked might be a good way of dealing with my new emotions.

I started by simply announcing to the girls I liked that I liked them, and telling them that I would like to get to know them better if they were willing.

That only worked only partially with one girl who unfortunately lives in Alabama (I live in Kansas).

I was so clueless that I set myself up for rejection on purpose because I felt as though that was a more honest way of going about picking up girls.

After a few failures, I became methodical in the way I got myself rejected so that I could try to isolate certain factors that might have caused the rejection.

At the time I bought the product, I was at the point where rejection was almost guaranteed, but not a horrible ordeal that would make the girl not want to talk to me again.

After several weeks of going through about one girl a week in nearly the same pattern, I had stopped learning new things and had run out of ideas, so was getting ready to ask out the girls I thought were likely in the order I saw them until something happened or I thought of something new.

Luckily I made up my mind to buy the product the day before I was going to do that, and canceled my previous plan because I had a new approach to take.

I listened to two hours of audio the first night I bought it, and was so excited that I stayed awake for 4 hours after first trying to sleep because I kept thinking of new applications of the information I could use.

I managed limited and sporadic use of some of the techniques at school, and by the end of the week I got girls in nearly every hour of class showing signs of romantic attraction.

The results were so fast that I found myself skipping to whichever section in the guide that had most immediate need, and lost a lot of opportunities simply because it hadn’t occurred to me that I could get results so fast.

The Saturday after I bought it there was a winter formal in which I got three consecutive hours to do nothing but try out the techniques. It was great!

I asked for two numbers and got both, and got another I didn’t ask for.

I was so successful that I must have spent half as much energy trying to stay away from the girls I didn’t like without hurting their feelings as I did going after the ones I did like.

I spent two nearly consecutive hours with one girl.

I did initially try to avoid spending too much time with her like was suggested in the audio, but she kept coming back to me, and I liked her, so I didn’t stop it.

I have since been over to that girl’s house twice. The second time we snuggled during a movie and then played a board game. I am happier now than I have ever been.

I have also found that many of the techniques work on males as well for making friends, which means a lot to me because I’ve only ever had 1 or 2 friends at a time…now I have heaps of new friends and am getting invited to parties, which is really cool.

Thanks a lot guys – really enjoying what I’ve been learning from this program. Jack”


Thanks so much. Because of the Ultimate Guide to Conversation I am dating one of the HOTTEST girls from High School that guys, including me used to drool over.

We’re both a little older now (I’m 52 and she’s 53), but she is still SMOKIN! And succesful.

After running into her and her good looking friends at a club this past Friday word got around to each of us that the other was single.

I noticed her checking me out and giving me the “green light” with her eyes and smile.

I approached confidently, started chatting, dancing and when she was leaving I handed her my phone and told her to put her number into it, which she did, just like one of your stories from the program.

While I was still at the bar she sent a text saying our chat time was too short and that she was going to leave the bar even earlier, but is glad she didn’t.

The NEXT morning she sent a text telling me her plans for the day and asked if I had plans that night, which I didn’t.

She asked ME out!

I took her to a romantic restaurant then to a few different clubs.

End of the night after making out for a little while, she had to get home to her teenage kids.

We hadn’t been apart for 5 minutes and my phone rang it was her saying that she missed me already!!!

I’m a good looking guy, but none of this would have been possible before I used your product cause I was lacking confidence and obviously women could sense this.

I also have 2 other women on the back burner that are interested in me.

I have also chosen to purchase the Mastery Methods and Mindsets today because I am on such a roll and want to keep it going.

Thank you, Fred”

“Hey Dan

Thanks for all your help with the new dating advice videos, they have been really insightful.

By the way things have been going great.

In the last six months I’ve met and subsequently dated a whole bunch of girls, met 2 in a shopping mall (one being a promo girl), a model I knew from a couple years back, had a blind date that lasted 3 months before I moved provinces and the newest girls I met are; at a pharmacy and a pizza store.

At the moment I have 4 girls on the go, the model, the pharmacist (will prob have a first date next week), a friend with benefits and the promo girl in Durban (I live in Joburg now).

I must tell you about the promo girl, was on holiday in Durban visiting the family.

While walking through the mall on Sunday I spotted her in a clothing store and just thought … wow, she’s hot … so walked straight over and started a conversation, about 10 minutes later I got her phone number and left the interaction.

I was completely honest about where I live and that I was going back in 3 days time so she knew where I stood.

Phoned her the next day and set up a date for Wednesday morning.

Within 15 / 20 minutes on that date we were kissing quite intimately.

Looking back on it I can see the change.

Before I would have been all in my head about how hot she is and wouldn’t it be great to talk to her and then kicking myself afterward knowing I would never see her again.

It’s not just with girls but the confidence I’ve gained in all area’s of my life have helped me tremendously.

I have a great job as Financial Manager in a private hospital which my new found social intelligence and understanding of women helped me a great deal in getting. Have a busy social life where I have to plan the days I’m at home so I can make sure my place is clean and the washing is always done.

So I just wanted to say thank you very much to you, Ben and Stu.

If it wasn’t for you guys I’d still be clueless, lacking confidence and trying to make any average girl like me. So while I’m not at mastery level yet, I feel like my entire life has changed and that’s all thanks to you guys. Michael”

To submit a success story or review, please contact us here. We would love to hear from you.

The Ultimate Guide to Conversation + The Flow

The Ultimate Guide to Conversation + The Flow

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Conversation – 10 hours of audio.
      72 Conversation Starters: Quick reference guide with all of the conversation starters from The Ultimate Guide to Conversation, plus exclusive conversation starters that are only found in this bonus guide. 40-page ebook. $97 value.
  2. The Flow eBook – 318 pages.
  3. The Flow Audiobook – 4 hours, 23 minutes of audio.

Total price: $491
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Dating Mastery Pack (All Dating Products)

Dating Mastery Pack

Gives you all of our dating lessons, advice and techniques that result in you experiencing the mastery level success with women (i.e. women try to pick you up when you talk to them, women chase you when you begin dating, you always have bulletproof confidence, you always know what to say and do, you experience your choice of high quality women).

These 11 products are the culmination of Dan, Ben, and Stu’s more than 10,000 hours of mastery level dating experiences with women, as well as many years of experimentation, testing, trial and error and development prior to then.

You don’t have to go through many years of trial and error, testing and hard work all on your own to hopefully figure out the secrets we discovered about women and dating that result in the mastery level of success.

You can learn it all from us right now and begin enjoying the mastery level success with women, where women try to pick you up, chase you during the dating phase and hope that you give them a chance.

That’s what women really want when it comes to dating.

Women love to experience the excitement of truly wanting a guy, trying to impress him, hoping to get a chance with him and then being lucky enough to get that chance.

When you make a woman feel that way, she then loves and appreciates you so much more.

If that sound appealing to you, then welcome to the mastery level of success with women and dating.

Enjoy the amazing times ahead for you with women!

  1. The Flow eBook – 318 pages.
  2. The Flow Audiobook – 4 hours, 23 minutes of audio.
  3. 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend – 7 hours of audio.
      30 Day Challenge: How to date, have sex and get into a relationship with an attractive woman in 30 days or less, or quickly have casual sex with multiple attractive women. 108-page ebook. $97 value.
  4. Coaching Call Breakthroughs – 7 hours of video.
  5. Confessions of a Natural Interviews – 7 hours of audio.
  6. The Ultimate Guide to Conversation – 10 hours of audio.
      72 Conversation Starters: Quick reference guide with all of the conversation starters from The Ultimate Guide to Conversation, plus exclusive conversation starters that are only found in this bonus guide. 40-page ebook. $97 value.
  7. Text Attraction – 14 hours, 24 mins of video.
      1200 Text Examples: Quick reference guide with all texts from the Text Attraction program, so you can easily find any text you need right away when texting live with a woman. 535-page eBook. $297 value.
  8. Dating Power – 8 hours of video.
      Dating Power Private Examples: Dan, Ben and Stu share 28 uncensored, personal stories of how they’ve used the Dating Power techniques to enjoy mastery level success with women (i.e. women try to pick you up, women make it obvious that they like you, women want you so much that they have sex with you on the first night or date and they chase you during the dating phase). 3 hours, 46 mins of video. $297 value.
      Dating Power Presentation Slides: 261-page ebook with all the presentation slides from the Dating Power seminar. Helps you remember what you’ve learned from the seminar and strengthens your understanding of key concepts and advice. $97 value.
  9. Better Than a Bad Boy – 10 hours, 50 mins of video.
  10. Alpha Male Power – 5 hours, 33 mins of video.
  11. Mastery Methods & Mindsets – 7 hours, 35 mins of audio.

Total price: $2,467
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1. What’s the difference between The Ultimate Guide to Conversation and The Flow?
2. Is there a benefit to getting both The Ultimate Guide to Conversation and The Flow?


3. What payment options do you offer?
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1. What’s the difference between The Ultimate Guide to Conversation and The Flow?

The Flow is a simple, step-by-step process to follow when you approach, or begin talking to a woman that leads both you and her to exchanging phone numbers, kissing, having sex or going on a date.

The Ultimate Guide to Conversation is a comprehensive program purely about what to say when talking to women that you want to have sex and/or a relationship with.

2. Is there a benefit to getting both The Ultimate Guide to Conversation and The Flow?


The Flow will teach you what to say and do to go from hello to sex, or hello to a phone number or date with a woman of your choosing.

The Ultimate Guide to Conversation will give you 100s of examples of what to say when talking to a woman to make her feel attracted and want you sexually and romantically.

So, if you are a guy who tends to struggle with what to say, run out of things to say or if you find it difficult to keep a conversationg going and keep it interesting with a women, then getting The Ultimate Guide to Conversation will fix those problems for you.

Note: You can get The Flow and The Ultimate Guide to Conversation in a discount pack. See the 'Packs' tab.

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