Mastery Methods & Mindsets

Mastery Methods & Mindsets

Powerful ways to accelerate your dating success and experience mastery level results with women now, not next year.

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Method 5: Real Man Methods

Mindset 1: Realize That No-One Cares

Mindset 4: See Through the Fog

Myth 13: Learning Techniques

Mastery Methods & Mindsets provides you with challenging actions to take (methods) and ways of thinking (mindsets) that will rapidly take your confidence and success with women to the next level and beyond.

The Mindsets will eliminate many of the fears and anxieties you feel around women and will replace them with confidence, calmness and self-assurance.

The Methods are fun, challenging things for you to do that push you outside your comfort zone and into interactions with women.

The problem

Despite learning about approaching, dating and attraction, some guys still find it difficult to reach their true potential with women. Why? A lack of believe in themselves and no-one to tell them what actions they can take to overcome it.

A lack of belief in yourself with women will always hold you back. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, a lack of belief will always seem to hold you back at the WORST times...

  • When you're talking to a woman you really like: Your lack of belief convinces you that you don't have a chance, or that even if you do move it forward with her, you'll probably stuff it up shortly afterwards anyway.
  • When you see a woman you want to approach: Your lack of belief convinces you that you can't do it, you're not good enough yet or that the woman wouldn't be interested in a guy like you anyway.
  • When you're on a date: Your lack of belief makes you look for signs that the girl doesn't like you. The date then usually bombs, you go home alone and she then stops answering your texts/calls, or suggests that you and her just remain friends.

The solution

Mastery Methods & Mindsets has been designed to take you to the mastery level of confidence and success with women, dating and relationships. Whether you still fear approaching, lack belief in yourself or simply find it difficult transitioning from a conversation to a date and into a loving relationship - Mastery Methods & Mindsets will help get you there fast.

As you listen to Mastery Methods & Mindsets, you will notice that your true, inner confidence begins to unlock and become available to you. After listening to the entire program, you will be able to express your true self around women so much more naturally and easily, without feeling anxious or nervous. You will stop being held back by fear when you want to talk to a woman, ask her out or move in for a kiss.

How it works

1. We start with the 13 Myths & Facts About Success With Women & Dating

The Myths & Facts are designed to clear away any fears, doubts, misconceptions, insecurities, feelings of anxiety and mental roadblocks that are currently preventing you from experiencing mastery level success with women. Once all of your negative mindsets have been cleared away...

2. We then reveal the Mastery Mindsets

The Mastery Mindsets are 10, powerful mindsets that give you the unstoppable confidence that is required to achieve mastery level success with women. If you don't have this level of confidence, most attractive women simply won't be interested in you and you'll likely always feel nervous and unsure of yourself around the kinds of women you want, regardless of what you achieve in life.

The mastery level of confidence you gain from this program, will allow you to approach, date, have sex and enter loving relationships with attractive women like it's the easiest and most natural thing in the world. You won't get nervous. You won't doubt yourself. You will simply enjoy attractive women and they will naturally feel connected with you, because you will be operating from a completely different level of confidence and understanding.

Once your confidence has been boosted to the mastery level...

3. We then reveal the Mastery Methods

The Mastery Methods are things for you to say and do when around women that push you outside your 'comfort zone.' Once you begin using the methods (even just some of them), you will notice that your confidence and success with women goes through the roof.

One of the methods for approaching women ensures that you will NEVER feel nervous when you want to approach a woman. This will pay off big time when you see your ideal woman walking along somewhere and you only have a few split seconds to act and start talking to her. By the way: We also teach you what to say when you approach, so don't worry about that - you'll know exactly what to say and do to get her to like you.

Another one of the mastery methods is about 'presence.' Presence is a powerful, alpha male trait that women find absolutely irresistible. When a woman notices you in a social situation, your presence in the room will either cause her to feel magnetically drawn to you and want to meet you, feel nothing, or feel turned off by you. Mastery Methods & Mindsets will teach you how to exude the confidence that instantly attracts her to you and makes her want to meet you.

Another of the methods ensures that you find, date and have sex with your ideal type of woman. This particular method also ensures that this particular woman will then try to maintain your interest and want to be in a relationship with you, rather than the other way around.

When you begin to use all of the methods & mindsets, you'll notice that more and more women begin to subtly offer themselves to you. Sometimes suggesting that you see each other again after a brief conversation, or offering their phone number even before you've had the chance to ask. It's an amazing thing to experience.

These methods & mindsets make dating and having relationships with modern women a breeze. No matter how confident a woman is, you will be more confident than she is and she will find that exciting and arousing.

What you will learn

Here are just some of the juicy secrets you will learn when you listen to Mastery Methods & Mindsets.

The 13 Myths & Facts About Success With Women and Dating

TV, movies and the media have created a lot of myths about what women really want in a man. This has caused a lot of modern men to become confused, insecure and unsure about how they should approach, attract and keep women interested.

This 2-hour section of Mastery Methods & Mindsets destroys all the myths that cause insecurity, self-doubt and nervousness around women. It then replaces those myths with the facts, which then give you confidence, self-belief and composure around women.

  • Myth 1: Ever find yourself doubting your ability to attract, date and keep a beautiful woman? It's probably because you believe in this myth.
  • Myth 2: Ever get stuck for things to say to women, or feel like your conversation isn't interesting enough for women? It's probably because you believe in this myth.
  • Myth 3: Feel like you want sex more than women do? Ever feel guilty about your desires of wanting to have sex with women you see? It's probably because you believe in this myth.
  • Myth 4: Feel like you'll never develop the skills to pick up any woman you want? It's probably because you believe in this myth.
  • Myth 5: Ever feel like guys who are naturally good with women will always be better than you? It's probably because you believe in this myth.
  • Myth 6: Ever feel like women have all the power in the dating & relationship scene and get to choose who gets with who? It's probably because you believe in this myth.
  • Myth 7: Ever feel like you have to become some that you're not, in order to become good with women? It's probably because you believe in this myth.
  • Myth 8: Ever feel like you'd be intruding on a woman's personal space, or annoying her by approaching and chatting to her in a public place? It's probably because you believe in this myth.
  • Myth 9: Ever find yourself being too much of a nice guy around women, so you can get them to like you…but, they rarely do? It's probably because you believe in this myth.
  • Myth 10: Ever feel like the best way to get a woman to like you is to take things slowly, become her friend and then hope that things develop sexually? It's probably because you believe in this myth.
  • Myth 11: Do you tend to blame yourself, or think that there might be something wrong with you if a conversation with a woman doesn't go well? It's probably because you believe in this myth.
  • Myth 12: Ever feel like you have to be tall, dark and handsome (or rich and famous) to attract and keep beautiful women? It's probably because you believe in this myth.
  • Myth 13: Do you secretly believe that no matter what you learn or try, you still won't be able to get the women you want? It's probably because you believe in this myth.

Mastery Mindsets

These Mastery Mindsets are the building-blocks for true, deep, unstoppable confidence with women. Use these Mindsets as fuel to boost your confidence now and to maintain it at the highest level for the rest of your life.

  • Mindset 1: Do you ever become self-conscious in social situations because you get caught up in caring about what other people are thinking of you? Use this powerful mindset to feel perfectly confident and calm in any social situation.
  • Mindset 2: Women all over the world are saying, "I want a real man", but they can't find one. This mindset will teach how to be think, feel and behave like a real man. Women instantly notice these things and feel an irresistible attraction for you.
  • Mindset 3: Every guy who is successful with women has the powerful mindset that we reveal in this section. Learn this mindset and your success with women will literally sky-rocket overnight. By the way: Women can see if you have this mindset. If you don't, they simply won't like you.
  • Mindset 4: This mindset gives you the deep confidence that is required to attract, date and keep a beautiful woman. Without it, you will probably always doubt yourself around beautiful women…and they will notice it and get turned off immediately.
  • Mindset 5: Do you ever avoid approaching women, or 'asking them out' because you fear rejection? This mindset will teach you how to never, ever feel the fear of rejection again. Ever.
  • Mindset 6: If you're not having much success with women, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking negatively…which then makes you avoid approaching women altogether. This mindset will teach you how to build your confidence on a daily basis, by using positive, realistic thinking so you keep moving forward towards your goals.
  • Mindset 7: Do you ever get nervous when talking to beautiful women or women you really like? Apply this powerful mindset to feel completely confident, composed and at ease around women from now on. Women find this absolutely irresistible in a man.
  • Mindset 8: Do you tend to settle for 'whatever you can get' with women? Use this mindset to start dating, having sex and enjoying relationships with the kinds of women you really want.
  • Mindset 9: Do you sometimes find that no matter how hard you try, you still can't maintain your state of confidence always? Do you often slip back into feeling nervous, insecure and unsure of yourself? Use this mindset to enjoy a constant state of relaxed, self-assured confidence.
  • Mindset 10: Is it possible to get a beautiful woman continually trying to impress you and maintain your interest? Yes. Use this mindset to have women fall in love with you and work really hard to keep you interested.

Mastery Methods

  • Method 1: The most powerful Method for approaching women that we've ever developed. This Method completely eliminates any feelings of nervousness, anxiety and self-doubt. When you approach women in this way, they feel a massive rush of attraction for you – sometimes resulting in the woman handing over her phone number before you've even asked.
  • Method 2: Do you still feel like you lack the confidence and self-belief to approach women whenever you want? This section include 5 of our best-ever 'approach-training exercises' that we've only ever taught to guys in person.
  • Method 3: What kind of woman do you want? Where are you going to find her? What will you say when you meet her? How will you keep her interested? This Method focuses on providing you with clarity about exactly what you need to do to successfully meet, attract, date and get into a relationship with your ideal woman.
  • Method 4: This Method is rarely-known by guys around the world, but happens to be the most powerful way of attracting women. This Method is so powerful that some women will literally cross the room to speak to you when you use it. It's also the main thing to do to make women feel comfortable in your presence.
  • Method 5: How do you actually be the 'real man' that all women are desperately looking for. This section provides you with practical Methods to use to immediately become the real man that women want.
The methods and mindsets will allow you to truly be yourself around women, in a way that causes them to feel intense attraction for you, want to date and have sex with you.

This approach to women also causes them to quickly fall in love with you.

Don't miss out. Experience it for yourself!

It's an amazing skill to have as a man.

Some of the Benefits You Will Experience
  • Build more confidence: We have identified the most important mindsets involved in having confidence with women. Without these mindsets fueling your confidence, you will always self-doubt around women no matter what you achieve in life (i.e. a great career), or how much you improve yourself in other ways.
  • Maintain your state of confidence: If something good happens in your life, it's easy and natural to feel confident for a few minutes or a few hours. However, if your confidence isn't fueled by the right mindsets – that sudden rush of confidence you felt will fade away quite quickly. Mastery Methods & Mindsets teaches you how to effortlessly maintain a constant state of confidence. That way, you can always make confident moves around women, rather of missing out on opportunities by doubting yourself in the moment.
  • Attract women on a deeper level: There's nothing more attractive to a woman than a man's confidence. When you use the knowledge from Mastery Methods & Mindsets, women will notice your new, deeper level of confidence and it will attract them to you the same way their cleavage and hot bodies attract you to women.
  • Remove all fear: Does your mind tend to fill up with fears, doubts and worries around beautiful women, no matter how hard you try to feel confident? In Mastery Methods & Mindsets, we spend a lot of time undoing the weak mindsets and insecurities that cause you to feel fear around women. We then replace them with mastery level mindsets that ensure always feel confident, strong and in control around women.
  • Attract & date very beautiful (not just average) women: One of the best feelings as a man is being in the presence of a beautiful woman who is truly attracted to you and loves you with all of her heart. When you are with a beautiful woman, people show yo more respect, you feel great and you feel like a real man. On the other hand, one of the worst feelings is giving up and just accepting an ugly or very average woman, when you know that it's not what you really want.
  • Approach women like a master: In Mastery Methods & Mindsets, you will learn how to use our mastery-level approaching techniques that we've only ever taught to guys who already have advanced skills with women. Mastery-level techniques cause women to feel a deeper, more powerful attraction for you, which makes picking up women 10x easier.
  • Put yourself to the test: Mastery Methods & Mindsets includes 5 of our best training exercises for approaching women that have only ever been taught to guys in person. As you complete these training exercises, you'll notice significant improvements in your confidence, ability to get beautiful women attracted and in your overall results when you approach. The exercises remove many of the fears and anxieties involved in approaching women and replace all of them with confidence, courage, charm and other attractive behaviors.
  • Remove all mental roadblocks to success: Mixed messages from the media have left a lot of modern men feeling confused about dating and relationships with modern women. If you were to believe what you see on TV, you might assume that you need to be tall, dark and handsome (or rich and famous) to have a beautiful woman by your side. Yet, in real-life, ordinary guys from all over the world are in loving relationships with beautiful women. Overcome the 'mental roadblocks' created by the media and beautiful women will naturally feel drawn to you in person.
  • Master your inner game: Inner game (mindsets, confidence) is the key to mastery level success with women. Without having a strong inner game, you will doubt yourself and struggle to feel confident and in control around attractive women. Attractive women will always notice it and it will always feel turned off. Some attractive women give a guy like that a chance, but it never lasts. If you want her attraction to be there right away and then last, you must master your inner game.
  • Transform yourself: As you listen to this truly amazing program you will learn how to quickly transform yourself from the ground up, so you can experience the ultimate level of success with women – the mastery level. This is where you have the confidence to attract, date and have sex with beautiful (not just average) women and where women basically offer themselves to you.
  • Strengthen your personality: As you strengthen various parts of your personality (e.g. your confidence, your ability to flirt, your 'social coolness', your ability to think and act like truly masculine man), most women will simply melt and submit in your presence, rather than being cold, bitchy or playing hard to get. Since they clearly see that you are a strong man, they don't need to waste time trying to find that out by putting you under so much pressure (i.e. constantly testing you). They know that you're a confident, masculine man and as a result, they give you that respect. They will still test you at times of course, but you won't be put off by that and lose confidence because you have the mastery mindsets. As a result, you are pretty much bulletproof when it comes to women's tests. You will become fully proof as you get better at it, but initially, you will be pretty much bulletproof, which is more than enough for most women to want to submit to you as their man.

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1. What’s the difference between Mastery Methods & Mindsets and The Flow?
2. What’s the difference between Mastery Methods & Mindsets and Alpha Male Power?


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1. What’s the difference between Mastery Methods & Mindsets and The Flow?

The Flow is a step-by-step solution to go from hello to sex, or hello to a date with a woman you find attractive.

Mastery Methods & Mindsets are a collection of our best mindsets (ways of thinking) and methods (ways of being, or things to do around women) that take your success at attracting and picking up women to the mastery level (i.e. where women feel an intense attraction for you and often try to pick you up).

2. What’s the difference between Mastery Methods & Mindsets and Alpha Male Power?

Alpha Male Power is about how to overcome anxiety and fear to go after what you want with women and in life.

It’s about tapping into your inner power as a man and using that to break free of anxiety, have bulletproof confidence and be wanted by women and respected by men.

If you have ever struggled with feeling worthy around women, or people in general, Alpha Male Power will fix that problem for you once and for all.

Mastery Methods & Mindsets are a collection of methods (actions you can take, behaviors you can begin doing) and mindsets (ways of thinking) that speed up your progress towards the mastery level of success with women.

The mastery level is where women try to pick you up, women chase you during the dating phase and you always feel confident and in control around women.

We created and used these methods and mindsets to level up from an advanced level of skill with women (i.e. where you can pick up women easily, but still have to do most of the work. Women usually don’t try to pick you up) to a mastery level of skill.

The mastery level is where everything to do with women becomes more fun, easy and effortless.

We also taught the methods and mindsets to clients (on our weekend courses, which cost an average of $5,000 to attend) to who ranged from absolute beginner to advanced levels of success with women.

Every client who used the methods and mindsets immediately began to ‘wake up’ and see the reality that we do when it comes to women.

All of sudden, the client would realize that it is easy to attract women and it is easy to feel totally confident.

Women would then sense his confidence and self-assuredness and start flirting, showing interest and even trying to pick him up.

For some clients, it was so hard to believe that, after getting a number and ending the interaction, they ask us things like, “Did you pay for those girls to be there?” because that kind of thing had never happened to him before in life.

So, we would then have him pick out some other women to approach at random and the same thing would happen once again.

He would then realize that he was actually doing it.

He was in control now.

Mind-blowing stuff that 99% of guys will never experience or even know about.

It’s just not something that most guys even think is possible, so they don’t even try.

Yet, we developed these methods and mindsets through trial and error and experimentation to go from being advanced to masters in terms of attracting and picking up women.

The methods and mindsets are amazing breakthroughs that level up your abilities and success with women.

It’s just something you have to experience to truly understand.

Note: You can still pick up women and get laid with an advanced level of skill, but getting to mastery is so satisfying because women now try to pick you up.

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“Hi Dan.

I have been meaning to send you one of my success stories for some time now.

There is one in particular that has happened recently that I would like to share with you.

I was at a friend’s house party and there was a girl there that I’ve known for some time.

I have been wanting to get with this girl for quite a while, but I never had the foggiest notion on how to approach, what say to her, or have the confidence to (due to my way below average looks, etc).

Anyways, had to leave the party early, unfortunately, but while I was there I merely used some of the teachings from “mastery methods and mindsets and the ultimate guide to conversation”.

After applying some of the simple techniques (being real, not being too nice, avoiding nervousness, etc), the following day I got a text message from an anonymous number, that eventually turned out to be the girl at the party that I’ve been after all this time. She was asking me out!

I couldn’t believe what was happening!

I literally thought that I was dreaming.

The funny part is that I was simply just being myself! The same friendly guy! I honestly believe that it’s paramount that every decent man out there should know about the modern man. I have truly being struggling in my life.

All I needed (which I obviously didn’t know) was a few simple changes and a push in the right direction. I am still taking it one step at a time and these two products alone have opened my eyes in ways I could never have imagined.

I can’t wait to get hold of some of the other products and see what else my life has in store for me. I would like to say a monumental thank you to you guys. You have got me out of this dark, lonely hole that I’ve been hiding away in.

You have completely turned my life around for the better and not just in regard to relationships with women.

Everything from my new job to meeting new people. EVERYTHING! I will never be able to emphasize the impact you have had on my life. So a great big thank you again and I wish only the best for you guys. Sincerely, Jonathan”

“Hey Dan,

I wanted to follow up a few months after getting some of your programs.

I watched Dating Power, Mastery Methods and Mindsets, and Confessions of a Natural: Interview Series.

Dating Power and the confessions series really outlined how to uniquely apply the concepts from all other courses.

I’m an average guy and through what you teach, I now have my pick of who I date.

Recently I began dating a Brazilian-German woman who looks like a runway model.

Using what I learned has made her melt like butter on a hot waffle.

You weren’t kidding about how happy a woman becomes by relaxing into her own femininity. She had tears in her eyes just when I hugged her.

Your programs teach us men how to become better and make women happier. Everyone benefits. I want to thank you guys forever! You have changed my life so much. Jeremy”

“I bought your Mastery methods and Mindset product.

You guys have actually managed to solve my confidence problems.

I consider myself to have all the attractive personality qualities apart from confidence, which as it turns out let me down hugely as I had this whole ‘arsenal’ of attractive personality ‘weapons’ without being able to use any of them.

I’ve found that what you call Relaxed Confidence is the key to everything.

Some girls I used to naturally assume it with like unattractive women, women I was already comfortable with or my friends’ girlfriends or wives, but most women I didn’t give myself the chance to have Relaxed Confidence.

Now that I’ve put your mindsets into practice, I have Relaxed Confidence around everyone, no exceptions and I am LOVING it.

I’ve also done a bit of thinking about my dating history with girls I’ve hooked up with.

The ones I was successful with were the ones who I was using Relaxed Confidence with.

The result…everytime, they asked me to go on a date!

I’ve found out that when I am not confident in my own abilities and try to be somebody im not to impress, I’ve had zero success.

I think when you put this mindset into practice that all of your natural personality traits come out on their own, because your automatically being yourself, but in an attractive way to women.

When I’m in this mindset, I don’t worry about what I’m going to say or how to make her laugh etc.

I’m so laid back that I naturally know what to say or how to make her laugh automatically.

So far it is working better than I expected because I got a number from a hot girl at a party last week and am dating her tomorrow and I am very sure a hot girl I know through friends also likes me now, so I am going to make a move on her too.

I’m loving this new me. It’s like I have suddenly become a more valuable guy and women recognize that. Jamie”

“I was already gaining some confidence after reading The Flow and approaching and getting numbers, but when I started using the methods – that’s when everything changed for me. As an example – The Walk By Look – I do that and pretty much every time girls smile, laugh and welcome me to approach them.

The Exaggerated Personality and the Talking Out Loud is super fun and always pumps up the energy of an interaction.

I’m having so much fun with this. Before approaching was still pretty scary and I was still feeling a bit nervous, but I can’t wait to go out and party now. I’m not after a girlfriend right now because I’m having sex with a new woman every two weeks or so – super fun. Clement”

“Great product guys. I got your Mastery Mindsets product and it has been such a breath of fresh air because you actually provide examples of what to do, instead of just talking generally about stuff.

Anyway, this has upped my game big time.

I’ve finally been able to start hooking up with the 8s and 9s out of 10…previously, the best I could get was a 7/10 kind of chick, which I hated because I knew I could do better.

Met a girl last week who was an easy 8.5/10 and we’re catching up for a drink on Friday night…should be good! Rick”

“Got your Mastery program 7 months ago and decided I would try, one by one, the mindsets and methods you guys suggested.


I didn’t even need to use all of the mindsets to get the relaxed confidence you guys speak of.

Literally, after I had integrated the 3rd mindset, I was already more confident than all of my friends, who I used to always look up to as confident guys.

Anyway, I put some of your methods into practice and my nights out approaching turned into the most fun I’d ever had, since working on my game for a couple of years.

I did the whispering conversation starter method and met my now girlfriend.

Well it has now been 6 months and we are going strong and will be moving in together soon.

This is what I was always hoping for when I started learning this stuff.

I wanted a relationship and I wanted the woman to love me for me.

Thanks to you guys, I got her by being the most confident version of myself that I had ever been.

The thing I am also happy about is that I am still that confident now in the relationship. I’ve become even more confident really.

I’ve integrated all of the mindsets now and I am now living with total confidence, day in day out. Great program guys. Worth at least 3 or 4 times what I paid for it. No doubt. Brennan”

“I actually didn’t think it would be possible to listen to what you guys had to say and then have my confidence improve so much.

I am not kidding you when I say my confidence has gone through the roof.

I feel like a new man!

I also know it works because even my ex-girlfriend is now attracted to me again…and the women I’ve met in bars lately are texting me and acting real keen. Thanks a lot – I am so glad that I bought your product and I just thought I’d let others know what it has done for me. Hugh”

“Hello, I was just listening to the Methods section, and you said, ‘Just enjoy your time around women ‘

This was one of the most important things for me in the couese because if you enjoy your self, then you give out positive vibes, and generally will relax and make the women have a good time.

Apologies if you know this (which I’m sure you do), but I just thought I might just say this for it was what you said at the end and in a offhand way, so I was not sure if you might realise the significance.

And thank you so much for the advice that you have given me, my confidence is back up to and at unprecedented levels and its nice to be playing with the women just in the street.

I got a phone number yesterday in front of my friends and they were like WTF? They can’t believe the sudden change in me.

Anyway I texted her later that day and we’re meeting tonight. I feel alive! It’s like I am no longer afraid. Luke”

“I listened to your program on Thursday during the day, then went out with a friend to a bar on Friday night and ended up kissing a girl within 30 minutes.

I would have chickened out in the past because I would have been worrying about the chance of being rejected and messing things up.

The program filled me with confidence and I felt brave enough to make a move and it worked.

I am still amazed at how much I’ve changed and so quickly.

Later than night, I got 2 other phone numbers, so I am going to date those girls as well…thanks a lot Modern Man – your stuff works! Richard”

“I had tried just about everything to get better with the ladies, as they say…but, everything I did made practically no difference – I’d always end up falling back into the same old rut.

I’d feel a bit confident and then lose it just as quickly.

Not this time.

The Mastery Methods program has finally given me the answers I’ve been seeking all this time! To my great relief, I can now say that something has finally worked for me!

Get this – a female friend of mine who only ever saw me as a friend is now sleeping at my house twice a week!

She just came on to me one night because of how confident I am now.

She was flirting and showing interest and then just got real close and made it super obvious that she was turned on.


She NEVER saw me in that way in the past.

The first time was really amazing sex too and we both really enjoyed it I could tell.

I also got a number on the first night I went out since getting your program, but I haven’t called her yet because I’m enjoying the time with my female friend turned girlfriend.

Thank you for guys for all the work you do. You are really professional and I can tell that you guys actually care about us and want us to succeed.

I also like that your guys developed your advice by going out and doing it yourselves to see what actually works. It gives me even more confidence when I used your techniques. Thanks again. Alan”

“Since I started applying the techniques and mindsets you teach, I’ve gotten a lot more confidence with not just women but all the other areas of my life.

I now ask for what I want and I usually get it.

Like last night at the clubs, I started talking to a beautiful girl near the bar and 10 minutes later, I said “We should talk again, give me your number” and gave her my phone. She put the number in and said ‘Cool, call me – I’d like to catch up sometime”

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t done it myself.

Also, I think I had the nice guy mentality from being duped by all the movies and books out there that depict relationships and how guys should act in the wrong way than they actually are.

So, I always just played the Mr. Polite Guy and got nothing.

The mindsets aspect is amazing, because I never understood positive thinking until you talked about negative dialogue going on in your head.

Well, I’ve been able to improve on that a lot!

It wasn’t that I’d never heard it before to be positive, but the way you guys explained it in such great detail while still being easy to understand is a really a rare thing.

Thanks a lot guys – I’m now back in the game and kicking ass! Dave”

“For what I’ve got from your Mastery program already, I think it’s a bargain and easily the best thing I’ve ever bought.

I actually work as a cleaner, so I had to save a while for this!

Since listening to your advice I have never been so confident in all my life, nor did I think I’d ever be.

People now respect me and women just instantly get attracted to me because of my confidence.

I’m dating a chick I met at the mall 2 weeks ago who I previously would’ve avoided because of her beauty.

She’s coming over to my house on Thursday night to cook dinner with me, so I think I’ll be gettin some lovin if you know what I mean!

Thanks for making it all so simple…I used to see women as a lot of hard work, but I get it now.

Also your confidence advice is rock-solid, I feel like I’ve finally become a man with all this. TJ”

To submit a success story or review, please contact us here. We would love to hear from you.

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Mastery Methods and Mindsets pack

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