Coaching Call Breakthroughs

Coaching Call Breakthroughs

Unique advice given to our clients that allowed them to quickly begin dating the kinds of women they'd be dreaming of.

  • Video.
  • 6 hours, 54 minutes.
  • Instant download and/or watch online in your Modern Man account.
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Coaching Call Breakthroughs comes from 3 prerecorded audio calls, where Dan Bacon coaches clients who are facing common obstacles on their journey to success with women.

In video format, Dan explains where the client has been going wrong with women, what he should do instead and how to avoid making similar mistakes from now on, so he can begin enjoying the success that he wants with women.

You will be surprised at how much YOU relate to where the guy has been going wrong and how much the examples that Dan provides for the clients are actually what YOU need too.

What You Will Learn:

Get results now, by avoiding common mistakes: A lot of guys think that it's only THEM who is making mistakes or struggling to get results with women they like. The fact is, every guy makes mistakes along the way, especially with women they really like. By watching this program, you will SKIP past all those mistakes and save yourself years of wasted time and unnecessary heartache and rejection with women you like. You will begin getting results with women that you like now, rather than much later in life, or never at all.

Advanced customer questions: As guys develop their understanding of what it takes to be successful with women, they begin to ask more advanced questions about more complex problems that guys encounter on their way to mastery success with women. Rise through the levels faster by getting the answers to questions you probably haven't even thought of yet!

Stop messing up great opportunities: If you make mistakes during the "pickup process" or sexual courtship, most modern women will simply give up and lose interest. These days, women expect men to have "good game" and if you don't know what you're doing, you'll find that a woman who was interested in you suddenly loses interest and the whole opportunity is gone. In this program, you will learn all the little mistakes that guys make along the way that ruin their opportunities with women…and you'll learn what to do instead so you can enjoy the opportunities you come across with women.

Pick up examples (different scenarios): You don't always see women you want to meet in bars, club or at shopping malls. Sometimes you see them as you're walking along the street, getting a coffee or sitting in a restaurant. In this program, you will learn how to approach and talk to women in many different scenarios, so the next time you see a woman you like, you will know exactly what to do.

Right or wrong: Do you know EXACTLY where you've been going right and wrong when it comes to your success with women? Most guys will answer "Yes" because they mistakenly believe that they know everything about themselves. More commonly though, you will be surprised to find that you're doing more things wrong (and right) than you realize. This program will give you true clarity on what YOU need to do to overcome the final hurdles before you get to enjoy the type of success that you want with women.

Get missing pieces to the puzzle: Success with women is simple WHEN you have all the pieces to puzzle, but if you're missing some of the pieces it just won't make total sense to you. Some guys know what to say, but don't know what they shouldn't say. Some guys know how to approach, but find that attractive women lose interest after a few minutes of conversation…and they can't work out why. In this program, you will get the FULL PICTURE of what it takes to be successful with women. You'll get the pieces to the puzzle that YOU have been missing and it will all finally make sense.

Virtual coach: To hire me (Dan Bacon) as your personal coach costs $447 per hour. The Coaching Call Breakthroughs program runs for a total of 6 hours, 54 minutes and is only $397. If you booked phone coaching with me for that amount of time, it would cost you $3,000+. With this program, I will be your virtual coach for a fraction of the cost. Plus, since you'll be listening to phone coaching calls with other guys who are on their way to mastery success with women, you will get answers to questions that you probably wouldn't have thought to ask if we spoke on the phone!

Guaranteed ways to eliminate fear, nervousness and anxiety: Many guys learn what they need to do to approach and pick up women, but they get stuck at a certain level of success because they are held back by their fears, nervousness and anxiety. In this program, you will hear about the fears, nervousness and anxieties that other guys experience, as well as tailored solutions to eliminate it and transition to a world of confidence, self-esteem, relaxation, calmness, power and control.

Get motivated and inspired: When guys first start learning how to be successful with women, they usually get inspired, motivated and pumped up about the amazing possibilities. Yet, after making a few mistakes (or more commonly, getting the wrong advice) they go back into their shell and start to lose belief in their ability to be successful with women. When you watch this program, you will not only get the RIGHT advice, but you will learn how to BUILD on your motivation and drive to succeed, rather than letting it wither away and die. You will feel pumped up and inspired and that feeling will REMAIN and grow as each day passes.

Conversation techniques: During each call, you will hear unique examples of what to say in various conversational situations. For example: Talking to a woman you already know who likes you, but is playing hard to get. Talking to a waitress and getting her to invite you to a party with her friends. Responding to challenging things that women say when you ask for their number or call them to set up a date, etc.

New flirting techniques: Flirting is one of the most IMPORTANT pieces to the puzzle of success with women. If you don't use it properly, you will never reach the mastery level of success with women. Period. In this program, you will see me (Dan Bacon) demonstrating flirting conversation, body language and vibe for various situations you'll find yourself in with a woman. The flirting examples and training in this program will change everything for you. Suddenly, you will notice how OFTEN women flirt with you sexually to show you their interest…and you'll know what to do to capitalize on that so you actually end up having sex with her!

Advanced body language demonstrations: Unknowingly, a lot of guys use body language that turns women off or makes women overlook them as a sexual option. Once you watch these demonstrations, you will instantly know where you've been going wrong and will know the right body language to use from now on. Plus, you'll notice that most guys make these body language mistakes without knowing it!

Unique approaching examples: During each prerecorded phone coaching call between Dan and the client, you will hear discussions about approaching women in various scenarios. Along with those discussions, you will discover unique and interested techniques and insights for approaching women. As you listen in, you will have many "ah hah!" moments as previously complex areas of approaching women finally make sense and suddenly become simple for you.

Getting a girlfriend: Getting a girlfriend is EASY if you know what mistakes to avoid along the way. As you listen in to the coaching calls, you will discover the many minor and major mistakes guys make that RUIN the final step in the process from dating to girlfriend. Plus, I (Dan Bacon) will expand with video commentary to further highlight those mistakes and tell you exactly what you need to do instead so you can smoothly transition from a conversation to date, to sex, to having a girlfriend…and even how to skip the dates and get straight to sex!

Escalation (to kissing, sex) techniques: How do you move in for the first kiss? What can you say to make a woman desperately want to kiss you? How do you transition from a restaurant date to sex at your place? How do you leave a bar and take a woman home for sex? What do you do when you're back home with her? You'll get the answers to all these questions and more in Coaching Call Breakthroughs!

Stop her from losing interest during a conversation: One of the biggest problems guys face is being able to keep the conversation interested and keep the woman interested in talking to them. After they run out of things to say, they often begin to panic and show signs of desperation, which then turns the woman off. Discover how to effortlessly keep conversations going, keep them interesting AND best of all – make a woman try to keep YOU interested in talking to HER.

Rise through the levels: There are certain levels that you need to go through to reach the mastery level of success with women. Some guys get stuck at the newbie level, too afraid to take the action they need to succeed. Other guys get stuck at an intermediate level, able to approach, but not able to consistently seal the deal. Others get stuck at an advanced level, able to close the deal, but unable to do so with attractive women. Whatever level you're currently stuck at, this program will help you rise through the levels rapidly so you can reach the mastery level and experience all the fun that comes with it.

Confidence explained: Every guy knows that he needs to be confident to be successful with women, but very few guys actually know what true confidence is and how to build it. In this program, you will discover the answers you've been seeking about confidence as well as practical, ready-to-use techniques that you can apply to begin building true confidence immediately.

Overcoming approach anxiety: The feelings of anxiety, fear and nervousness that most guys experience before they approach women are NOT necessary. There is a way to avoid feeling that way altogether and instead feel confident, calm, relaxed and in control. In this program, you will hear the problems that other guys are experiencing with approach anxiety and as I (Dan Bacon) coach them and cure them over the phone, you too will go through the same transformations…you too will finally get the answers you need to rid yourself of the unnecessary fears, anxieties and nervousness associated with approaching women.

Avoiding rejection: Do you know the many mistakes men make that cause women to reject them? There are several little errors and mistakes that guys make, which cause a woman to automatically go into "rejection mode" and the guy to lose his opportunity. In this program, you will discover the causes of rejection and how to avoid them. Plus, you'll know exactly what to do so a woman is receptive and open to you when you approach her, escalate to a kiss, ask her out on a date, etc.

Becoming a natural with women: Any guy can become a natural with women if he follows the right path and has the right advice to guide him along the way. There are 4 specific stages you must go through to become a natural. In this program, you will be provided with guidance and advice for each stage of the process, so you can finally break through the success that you've been dreaming of!

Facebook secrets: Techniques to use when on Facebook to make women start chasing you. Plus, how to pimp up your Facebook profile so new women that you add instantly fall in love with you and want to be your girlfriend.

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“Using the advice on confidence you shared in the program has made a real difference for me. I’ve been feeling more and more confident each day since watching it.

Anyway, it all built up and up until I did something completely out of character for me last week…and it worked!

Last week I was at a cafe and waiting for my coffee to be ready and there was a cute girl standing next to me.

Normally, I would be too nervous to talk to a girl in a situation like that.

But, feeling confident and pumped up from Coaching Call Breakthroughs, I turned to her and said, “How you going? My names Thomas. I hope my coffee comes before yours does. Who’s going to win?” with a smirk.

She said, “I think I will win. I ordered before you did.” I laughed and responded with, “Oh, so you’ve been checking me out then?” in a way where I was playfully accusing her.

She then laughed and no and I said, “Sure, I believe you” in a playful manner and she then laughed and seemed impressed at my confidence.

She then gave me a big smile and said, “I’m Naomi by the way” and we chatted, flirted a little more and then exchanged numbers.

I texted her later that day and we met up for a drink the next night.

Long story short, she ended up sleeping over at my place and have seen each other twice again since then.

It’s amazing how much easier it is to pick up women if you just give yourself a chance and know how to attract them during a conversation.

Your program has been a game changer for me. I’ve already been recommending you to my friends. Thanks, Thomas”

“Man, I gotta tell you, this program is seriously next-level.

You always manage to bring fresh ideas to the table in each program and this time was no exception.

I’ve already been using The Flow and Text Attraction like a champ for a few months, but watching the Coaching Call Breakthroughs has seriously upped my game over the past couple of weeks.

The way I explained it to a buddy yesterday was that I feel like I’m in the Matrix, but instead of dodging bullets, I’m dodging potential rejection from girls and then getting the results I want so easily…like a lot of sex and multiple girls wanting to be my girlfriend at once…it’s been crazy man.

My friends are now looking at me like I’m some sort of ladies man and one of them commented that I must be my looks. Lol…

I told him that I never used to get girls and now I am. I tried to explain that it’s not my looks and it’s the changes I’ve made to how I talk to girls and he didn’t get it.

I now see what you have to deal with Dan. Some guys just hold on to beliefs like that and remain stuck. Hopefully my friend will wake up and see the Matrix like I have.

Also, before watching Coaching calls I thought I already knew a lot about attracting women and I do, but you’ve blown my mind with all the new info you’ve packed in the program. Excellent program man! Gavin”

“Hey Dan, I just wanted to thank you for the Coaching Call Breakthroughs product.

I’ve always struggled with anxiety and lacked confidence in social situations.

Since watching it and giving myself a chance to start using the advice you provide, I’ve become more assertive and confident in my interactions with others, not just women.

I’m still the same old respectful, good guy that I always was, but I feel so much stronger, centered and sure of myself now.

A girl at work is now showing me a lot of interest all of a sudden. I can feel the changes in me and she is no doubt noticing it too.

I’m feeling confident and hopeful about the future now. Thank you.

It was also really cool to listen you coaching the other guys and see that they were struggling with the same things I was. Made me feel less alone with this. I used to always think I was weird for struggling with girls, but now I see how common it is for guys. Marco”

“Before finding your Youtube channel I was frustrated with women because it seemed like they just weren’t interested in guys anymore, you know? Like they always seemed so independent and careless when it came to guys.

Your videos made sense tho so I decided to invest in some of your programs. Of particular help to me has been Coaching call break throughs.

After hearing you coach that guy on the psychology of getting women to chase you and to truly care about being with you, it was like a light bulb went off in my head.

I realized that women do want a boyfriend, but you have to make them feel it, otherwise they just won’t care about you.

I feel silly for not realizing that before but sometimes we humans need things pointed out for us to be able to see them.

I’m happy to say that I’m not bitter anymore about women and I’ve been making women feel so damn attracted to me that they are the ones who hint at being committed to each other or even flat out ask it of me.

I’ve been seeing a whole new side of women and it has been refreshing.

I’m currently juggling a couple casual flings, and they’re both asking for something more serious.

I’m the one in control now, baby. Thanks for the game-changing tips man. JB”

“Very cool program. Learned a lot of things I didn’t know about confidence and attraction. Highly recommended. Will”

“Hey Dan,

Just wanna say a big thanks for releasing this program!

The biggest thing I got out of this is when you explained in more detail what a bridging mindset is.

Although I thought I understood it in Dating Power I’ve been struggling with my thinking for a good year.

I could never understand why somedays I was walking around like James Bond other days I was back in my old rut. Its because I wasn’t using bridging mindsets!

It sounds so simple but I actually thought I was using them lol I wasn’t I was letting unhelpful thoughts just flood my mind and then saying stuff like ‘no no why is this not working’ ‘its not working today’ like that is going to help me get into a confident frame of mind lol.

I have way more awareness of how I’m thinking and how it effects me.

I’ve been increasingly more confident for two weeks now the longest I’ve ever been and I don’t feel like I’m going to fall back into my old habits.

I have control over those thoughts now when they do crop up.

So yeah really appreciate this program I would have payed triple what I paid if I knew I would get this value. Jack”

“Hi Dan,

I have been studying your products now for a little time and finally I actually start to have some success with women!

I must say I was very skeptical in the beginning and thought that it could just be fun to look at your products to see what it was.

I have always been very bad with women….had very low confidence and at first small hint of that a woman was not interested I directly assumed that she was not interested and just walked away.

I assumed this was because I was not interesting, not good looking enough or just too boring.

After looking at your products nothing changed either… least not to start with but what really changed things was when I listened to your coaching calls.

Especially to the guy guy Anthony that you coached.

When he was responding to you he constantly said ‘yeah yeah that makes sense’ but did not change much.

Then it suddenly was so clear to me….this is exactly what I am doing too!

I said to myself when I listened to you that this makes sense, you are right……but I did not change anything or did anything of what you were teaching me that I should do!

So I started to actually do the things you were teaching when I approached women and now things start to look much much better!

I never thought it could be this easy or fun to have conversations with women!

I still have a lot to improve but just that I actually am able to approach and talk to girls in a much more relaxed way than I used to is a fantastic improvement for me!

I now have 3 women I will go out and have dinner with in the next week and this is more than I had in the last 2 years!

I also have started to talk to many women in my work who seem interested too. Thank you for the advice. I am very grateful to have found you. Regards, Henrik”

“Hey Dan.

Thanks to your deep and inspiring coaching call program, I’m longer feel scared to open up myself to love and have a real relationship.

For the last 15 years, I’ve been hiding behind my video games, work and hanging out with my buddies, which made me feel incredibly lonely and left out.

But now I feel excited to start dating and risking falling in love. I’m finally ready to give it a shot! Quinton”

“Dan! This always pumps me up and makes me feel confident before I hit the bars to approach women.

I treat it as a pre-game pep talk for myself to get me in the mood to approach.

So, for the past few weeks, I’ve been hitting up women with confidence, and it’s been paying off.

I’ve been getting numbers left and right, and sometimes even getting kisses and more.

Thank you for making this. It’s what I needed. Andrew”

To submit a success story or review, please contact us here. We would love to hear from you.

Advanced Dating Pack 1

The Flow - Pack 1

Provides you with additional training that has been designed to get you even faster results with women.

  1. The Flow eBook – 318 pages.
  2. The Flow Audiobook – 4 hours, 23 minutes of audio.
  3. 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend – 7 hours of audio.
      30 Day Challenge: How to date, have sex and get into a relationship with an attractive woman in 30 days or less, or quickly have casual sex with multiple attractive women. 108-page ebook. $97 value.
  4. Coaching Call Breakthroughs – 7 hours of video.
  5. Confessions of a Natural Interviews – 7 hours of audio.

Total price: $485
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Advanced Dating Pack 2

The Flow - Pack 2

Provides you with additional training that has been designed to get you even faster results with women.

  1. The Flow eBook – 318 pages.
  2. The Flow Audiobook – 4 hours, 23 minutes of audio.
  3. 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend – 7 hours of audio.
      30 Day Challenge: How to date, have sex and get into a relationship with an attractive woman in 30 days or less, or quickly have casual sex with multiple attractive women. 108-page ebook. $97 value.
  4. Coaching Call Breakthroughs – 7 hours of video.
  5. Confessions of a Natural Interviews – 7 hours of audio.
  6. The Ultimate Guide to Conversation – 10 hours of audio.
      72 Conversation Starters: Quick reference guide with all of the conversation starters from The Ultimate Guide to Conversation, plus exclusive conversation starters that are only found in this bonus guide. 40-page ebook. $97 value.

Total price: $782
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Mastery Dating Pack (All Dating Products)

Dating Mastery Pack

Gives you all of our dating lessons, advice and techniques that result in you experiencing the mastery level success with women (i.e. women try to pick you up when you talk to them, women chase you when you begin dating, you always have bulletproof confidence, you always know what to say and do, you experience your choice of high quality women).

These 11 products are the culmination of Dan, Ben, and Stu’s more than 10,000 hours of mastery level dating experiences with women, as well as many years of experimentation, testing, trial and error and development prior to then.

You don’t have to go through many years of trial and error, testing and hard work all on your own to hopefully figure out the secrets we discovered about women and dating that result in the mastery level of success.

You can learn it all from us right now and begin enjoying the mastery level success with women, where women try to pick you up, chase you during the dating phase and hope that you give them a chance.

That’s what women really want when it comes to dating.

Women love to experience the excitement of truly wanting a guy, trying to impress him, hoping to get a chance with him and then being lucky enough to get that chance.

When you make a woman feel that way, she then loves and appreciates you so much more.

It makes everything about dating 10x easier and enjoyable for both you and the woman.

  1. The Flow eBook – 318 pages.
  2. The Flow Audiobook – 4 hours, 23 minutes of audio.
  3. 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend – 7 hours of audio.
      30 Day Challenge: How to date, have sex and get into a relationship with an attractive woman in 30 days or less, or quickly have casual sex with multiple attractive women. 108-page ebook. $97 value.
  4. Coaching Call Breakthroughs – 7 hours of video.
  5. Confessions of a Natural Interviews – 7 hours of audio.
  6. The Ultimate Guide to Conversation – 10 hours of audio.
      72 Conversation Starters: Quick reference guide with all of the conversation starters from The Ultimate Guide to Conversation, plus exclusive conversation starters that are only found in this bonus guide. 40-page ebook. $97 value.
  7. Text Attraction – 14 hours, 24 mins of video.
      1200 Text Examples: Quick reference guide with all texts from the Text Attraction program, so you can easily find any text you need right away when texting live with a woman. 535-page eBook. $297 value.
  8. Dating Power – 8 hours of video.
      Dating Power Private Examples: Dan, Ben and Stu share 28 uncensored, personal stories of how they’ve used the Dating Power techniques to enjoy mastery level success with women (i.e. women try to pick you up, women make it obvious that they like you, women want you so much that they have sex with you on the first night or date and they chase you during the dating phase). 3 hours, 46 mins of video. $297 value.
      Dating Power Presentation Slides: 261-page ebook with the presentation slides from the Dating Power seminar. Helps you remember what you’ve learned from the seminar and strengthens your understanding of key concepts and advice. $97 value.
  9. Better Than a Bad Boy – 10 hours, 50 mins of video.
  10. Alpha Male Power – 5 hours, 33 mins of video.
  11. Mastery Methods & Mindsets – 7 hours, 35 mins of audio.

Total price: $2,467
Pack price: Only $797
You save: $1,670 (67% discount)

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